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Learn how to file for divorce in California

File for divorce in CA. using our simple 3 step process

Filing for divorce in California, as in any state, means you must follow specific laws and regulations. California is a no-fault state, so misdeeds (or grounds for divorce, like adultery) do not have to be proven in court. California also recognizes uncontested divorce as a dissolution action in which the responding spouse, called the respondent, does not object to the requests made by the spouse filing for the divorce, called the petitioner.

Main Forms for Filing

There are two main forms used to start the process of filing for an uncontested divorce in California. These forms are the FL100 and the FL110. When the forms have been filled out, they must be taken to the court clerk. The clerk will need the originals and three copies of each form. If the forms have been filled out correctly, the clerk at the courthouse will file the originals for a filing fee. It is possible to get the filing fee waived if you meet certain income guidelines.

At, we can help you file for divorce in California quickly and easily. Our online process includes an online questionnaire with questions about the petitioner, the respondent, the marriage, and information related to the marital assets, property, and income. specialists then create the petitioner’s divorce petition, and divorce papers, and mailed them to the petitioner. Our divorce process saves our clients time and money, by eliminating the costly expense of hiring a lawyer and dragging the divorce process on for many months or even years.

Needing a Lawyer

However, in some divorce proceedings a lawyer is a necessity. If a couple cannot agree on the division of assets or custody of children, then mediation or litigation can assist the couple come to an agreement. When it comes to losing property, money, or child custody, getting legal representation is the most important thing.

An online divorce at is not for couples who cannot resolve the divorce without legal representation. However, if a couple decides to end their marriage amicably with an uncontested divorce, then can help the couple detangle their finances and assets and part ways peacefully.

Filing the Divorce Papers

In order for a California divorce to proceed and become finalized, the divorce papers must be properly served to the spouse. The petitioner cannot serve the respondent, but must use a registered process server to ensure the petition is refused due to a problem with the process service. The petitioner must also file copies of the divorce petition and forms with the court, along with financial disclosure statements.

When you file for divorce in California, as in every other state, there is a mandatory filing fee whether you use an online divorce service or not, as well as a waiting period that begins after you file the initial petition. The fee to file for divorce in California is usually around $370, while the waiting period is 6 months. Under certain circumstances, the fee and/or waiting period can be waved.

If you qualify, an online divorce can make filing for divorce in California a simple and easy process. At, we guarantee that all our forms are 100% legal. If both spouses can agree to an uncontested, amicable divorce, then an online divorce at is your answer to a fast and cheap divorce.