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"The survey is very self explanatory, and saved my answers so I could come back after needing to go retrieve information. Easy to use. "

Kathryn, Denver, Colorado
May 8, 2017

"For me it was simple, I had enough from the situation that I was in. so I just went online and noticed a few cites and Mydivorcepapers was just what I needed. It offered the service that I felt comfortable with and with the time frame that I was looking for. Consequently, this was the absolute best alternative for me."

Frederick, Atlanta, Georgia
May 8, 2017

"Good so far, Very thorough! "

Tyler, Brownstown, Michigan
May 7, 2017

"I looked for a long time on the internet for Divorce help. I even tried to have initial free consultation with divorce attorneys. It was painful. I found the local government site with some basic information. After reading about the local court process I found this sight. It look me some time to gather all my information together but once I had it all in front of me It was very easy to step through. It also answers all the basic questions. Like many other out there I am not sure if my spouse will fight of just comply. either way this is the best way to start!"

David, San Tan Valley, Arizona
May 6, 2017

"I am not through the process yet, but so far, they have been helpful. The questions that you answer are very thorough. This allows you to do things at your own pace. Also, when life gets in the way, you can stop and come back to it."

Melissa, Hampton, Virginia
May 6, 2017

"The form was straight forward and easy to use."

Melissa, Hugo, Minnesota
May 6, 2017

"Helped out a lot if it really works"

Christina, Enid, Oklahoma
May 5, 2017

"I have completed the interview and found the process to be very simple and straight forward, if it continues this way until my divorce is completed I would definitely give it 5 Stars."

Gerry, Rapid City, South Dakota
May 4, 2017

"I have not yet filed my papers...but I must say this has made my divorce process so much easier and less costly... a friend told me she had not filed because of the cost and it had been 9 years since her separation, I suggested her to take a look at My Divorce Papers.com.


Mary, Springdale, Maryland
May 3, 2017

"Very thorough, it takes time and patience to get through it, but it was certainly easier than going through a lawyer."

Jacob, Plano, Texas
May 3, 2017

"This has been a very easy process for me. I did not know where to begin and this service has been so helpful in guiding me through this whole process."

Elizabeth, Conway, Arkansas
May 2, 2017

"The website was easy to follow and stress free. "

Jennifer, Burleson, Texas
May 2, 2017

"Very easy and to the point"

Michelle, Phoenix, Arizona
May 2, 2017

"So far the process has been easy . Will give a full review once I receive my documents and more time in this annulment process"

Erica, Compton, California
May 2, 2017

"Very easy and comfortable way of doing paperwork for a divorce. Something not easy to go through. Thank you!"

Laura, Houston, Texas
May 1, 2017

"User friendly and thorough."

Gahmal, Stone Mountain, Georgia
May 1, 2017

"I was in need of getting my fraudulent marriage annulled as quick as possible and I was told about mydivorcepapers.com and they did it for me.
Thanks Mydivorcepapers.com."

Carrie, Fortville, Indiana
May 1, 2017

"Although my husband and I are divorcing amicably, it is still a stressful process. Using MyDivorcePapers has lessened my stress considerably, thank you. "

Alexis, Salem, Oregon
Apr 30, 2017

"Was easy an quick saved me a lot of money"

Gary, Ozark, Missouri
Apr 29, 2017

"Interview is very thourough."

James, Greenville, Texas
Apr 29, 2017

"The process is long but well worth the time"

Gary, Chino, California
Apr 29, 2017

"Quick and easy very helpful "

George, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Apr 28, 2017

"So far the website is easy to use and allows me to go at my own pace. Much less pressure than other methods. "

Valerie, Glendale, Arizona
Apr 27, 2017

"This site is a quick an easy way to getting what you want and need very fast! You also have help for whatever you need.."

Craig, Overland Park, Kansas
Apr 26, 2017

"So far so good. See what happens from here"

John, Wenonah, New Jersey
Apr 26, 2017

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