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"The process was very easy and informative as to what and/or why certain information needed to be given. The cost was affordable and very helpful too."

Monica, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dec 22, 2016

"To be determined, as of right now all my forms are not filled out correctly. And this system is using out dated forms. Per the Clerk of Courts in Duval County the forms have a date of (11/15), as of right now I would not recommend this service to anyone, also no money back guarantee, so I am very upset about this. I have been studying these forms for over 3 months now, and I believe I could fill them out and send them. But I wanted professionals to do them and this website has been everything but professional. The customer service and chat reps are nice but the system issue or whatever issues have been taxing. I had a deadline to have the paperwork turned it, my personal goal and it would of been accomplished if I would of filled the papers out myself, but since I wanted professional help and due to all the system issues, now that date has to be backed up. I am not happy with this site or service. "

Christian, Jacksonville, Florida
Dec 21, 2016

"Very easy to use.Thank you.

Juanita, Alvin, Texas
Dec 21, 2016

"Very easy."

Derrick, Hammond, Louisiana
Dec 20, 2016

"I feel this is much better than hiring an attorney to see to our simplified divorce. Straight forward, easy to understand and navigate."

Annette, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Dec 19, 2016

"I appreciate this website for making this difficult process a little easier! "

Johana, Brooklyn, New York
Dec 17, 2016

"Very easy to navigate through!"

Alison, The Colony, Texas
Dec 16, 2016

"Great service quick and easy. I spoke to a rep (Justin) very helpful and patient!"

Fayelyn, Pearl City, Hawaii
Dec 16, 2016

"Although a long interview process, this website is easy to navigate and when you log in and out all finished pages are saved. This has made things easier in the process so far. "

Michael, Surfside Beach, South Carolina
Dec 16, 2016


Thomas, Arnold, California
Dec 15, 2016

"I appreciate My Divorce Papers, they always contact me if I have a question on the website."

James, Sanford, North Carolina
Dec 14, 2016

"Easier than expected."

Jemal, Newark, Delaware
Dec 13, 2016

"I am grateful for this service since it is a fast and convenient service to others in need of getting their divorce process done and over with."

Maryjane, Houston, Texas
Dec 13, 2016

"The process is simple the paper work is straight to the point."

Stephan, Ft Worth, Texas
Dec 12, 2016

"So far so good. Papers were easy to fill out no fuss!"

Reginald, Dallas, Texas
Dec 12, 2016

"Thus far, the process has been simple, streamlined and convenient. This has been a tremendous help."

Matt, Huntsville, Alabama
Dec 11, 2016

"I like that it saves your place while filing out the papers and the questions are simple to answer. "

Chrystal, Coos Bay, Oregon
Dec 11, 2016

"This was really easy and detailed to make me feel confident and prepared."

Lauren, San Antonio, Texas
Dec 10, 2016

"I feel comfortable doing this in the privacy of my own home. I also like taking the time to search for and find the documentation I needed for each step. "

Marie, Alvarado, Texas
Dec 10, 2016

"Well it was pretty simple. "

Amber, York Haven, Pennsylvania
Dec 9, 2016

"Easy, but have all your info ready! "

Colby, Seligman, Missouri
Dec 8, 2016

"This has been a very simple and non-stressful process. I am very grateful for this service, it has saved me a lot of time and money from having to go through the court system."

Auston, Knightdale, North Carolina
Dec 8, 2016

"It is a long process but is very through and accurate. Gets the job done."

Steve, Wylie, Texas
Dec 7, 2016

"Very easy and helpful."

Breeanna, Buffalo, New York
Dec 7, 2016

"Very helpful and wish I would have found it sooner."

Derrick, Houston, Texas
Dec 7, 2016

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