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"I really liked the simplicity of the forms and being able to prepare these documents at home. The price is fair and the process is not overly tedious. Thank you for a very positive experience."

Sally, Austin, Texas
Apr 5, 2017

"Great service...thank you!"

Mesuran, Los Angeles, California
Apr 4, 2017

"It is an easy process, just a lot of information to fill out.

Debra, Warsaw, Missouri
Apr 4, 2017

"Very helpful and easy to navigate through"

Tonia, Hampton, Georgia
Apr 3, 2017

"Your services were very quick and easy."

Kim, Spring Hill, Florida
Apr 3, 2017

"I felt this was an easy process for a difficult thing to do. "

Erin, Buena Park, California
Apr 2, 2017

"The interview is easy and straight forward"

Michael, Owings Mills, Maryland
Apr 2, 2017

"The process was as easy as it could have been, for this kind of situation. I would recommend it to others going through a divorce where they both agree. "

Misty, Nixa, Missouri
Apr 2, 2017

"it was actually quicker and easier then I thought"

Edward, South Holland, Illinois
Apr 1, 2017

"Very easy to complete with plenty of options for assistance, and any questions that need to be asked."

Jane, Manassas, Virginia
Apr 1, 2017

"they truly care about making the process as smooth as possible for me thanks love u guys very much"

Tyrone, San Antonio, Texas
Mar 31, 2017

"I am thankful for the help its been a long time coming."

Leny, Dade City, Florida
Mar 31, 2017

"I appreciate all your help, and I really hope this will be the end of this marriage soon. As Ive been through so so much. I Thank You!! Gale Eads."

Gale, Blmgtn, Indiana
Mar 31, 2017

"This option makes a sad and painful experience go as easy as it can."

David, Columbus, Ohio
Mar 30, 2017

"Seems to be easy to use and fast process. "

Christian, Harrison, Tennessee
Mar 30, 2017

"The questionnaire was lengthy and a little exhausting but overall not too complicated."

Pang, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Mar 30, 2017

"Really easy"

Johnny, Milner, Georgia
Mar 30, 2017

"Definitely worth it, thanks for the easy fill ins. Finally done with this headache."

Thomas, Sacramento, California
Mar 29, 2017

"This annulment is hard but necessary for me and my spouse to move forward in our lives, you have made it easy for us to do it ourselves."

Portia, Summerfield, North Carolina
Mar 29, 2017

"Thanks I think this is the best way to get a divorce"

Morgan, okc, Oklahoma
Mar 28, 2017

"This process made me feel better about filing these documents on my own; knowing I had 24/7 support a phone call away. I saved a bunch of money going this route. The questions were simple and I was able to navigate the interface swiftly and proofread each section before continuing. I AM VERY PLEASED!!"

Katie, ,
Mar 28, 2017

"You guys are awesome, I will recommend your service to anyone . thanks again I appreciate your help"

Mohamed, Hyattsville, Maryland
Mar 27, 2017

"I I thought it was going to be so hard and difficult. Once i try it is so easy and simple thank you. "

Wascar, Bradford, New York
Mar 27, 2017

"I am grateful for the My divorce papers.com for rescuing me from the courts and lawyers that I did not have the money to retain nor did I have the desire to dredge this out in a court of law.
Divorce is stressful enough without adding more complications to the process. We wanted to file this divorce ourselves and with, My divorce papers.com we have been able to do just that. No stress with lawyers pressuring me with documents needed on their time line, or court dates having to be meet. I was able to fill out the forms in "My" time and complete it when it was convenient for the both of us.
I am grateful for the help that I have received from this group. Thank you for this service!"

Katie, ,
Mar 24, 2017

"I feel like this is a huge relief off of me. I appreciate going through a divorce this way. Thank you so much for helping me in any way! I really liked how you made it easier on me. "

Kelsey, Norfork, Arkansas
Mar 24, 2017

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