Top 5 Tennessee Divorce Laws

The top 5 things everyone should know about Tennessee divorce laws.


Spousal support is money given from one spouse to the other, and is also known as alimony or maintenance. Tennessee courts favor rehabilitative spousal support over continuous spousal support. However, Tennessee provides spousal support in the following methods:

• Lump sum: The money is paid to the recipient all at one time.
• Periodic: The money is paid to the recipient at intervals, like a pay check from a job. The payment schedule is collaboratively decided by the wishes of the paying spouse, the recipient, and what the courts deem fair.
• Rehabilitative: The money is paid to the recipient in intervals until the receiving spouse is able to support themselves. This payment option is usually used in situations where one spouse was the breadwinner and the other was a homemaker, and thus couldn’t get a suitable job to support themselves.

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