Top 5 Illinois Divorce Laws

The top 5 things everyone should know about Illinois divorce laws.


Gross and confirmed habits (drugs or alcohol abuse) related to a spouse’s two-year-old problem are suitable grounds for marriage dissolution. Proper and legal proof must be shown in order for these grounds of dissolution to be upheld, as stated by Illinois divorce laws.

Grounds for a fault divorce are impotence, bigamy, adultery, desertion for one year, habitual drunkenness or drug addiction for at least two years, repeated and extreme physical or mental cruelty, felony conviction or imprisonment, and infection with a sexually transmitted disease.

Illinois driver\\\'s licenses also may be revoked if the court-ordered child support payments are not made at the time that is agreed upon in the court proceedings concerning the divorce case being filed.

Alimony is awarded without regard to misconduct. According to Illinois divorce law, the judge orders support from one spouse to the other if the parties cannot agree. The court awards alimony in a lump sum or for a fixed or indefinite period of time. In deciding custody, the court does not consider the gender of the custodial parent. The court considers all relevant factors including the wishes of the child\\\\\\\'s parents, the wishes of the child, the relationship of the child with the parents, siblings, and any other person who significantly affects the child\\\\\\\'s best interest among other things.Either or both parents may be ordered to pay reasonable and necessary child support, without regard to marital fault or misconduct. Depending on the decision of the court, support payments may be ordered to be paid directly to the court.

Illinois child support guidelines uses the Percentage of Income formula which calculates the support obligation as a percentage of the income of the non-custodial parent who is obligated to support the child. This method simply applies a percentage to the income of the parent according to the number of children requiring support

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