Top 5 Pennsylvania Divorce Laws

The top 5 things everyone should know about Pennsylvania divorce laws.


To obtain a Pennsylvania divorce, the spouses must wait 90 days after the divorce papers were filed.

The two no-fault grounds for divorce are: irretrievable breakdown of the marriage with the spouses living separately without cohabitation for 2 years, and irretrievable breakdown of the marriage with both spouses filing an affidavits consenting to divorce.

To file for divorce under the grounds of incurable insanity, the incurably insane spouse must be confined to a mental institution or hospital for 18 months.

Sole child custody is determined by the court’s opinion of which parent is more likely to encourage and permit the child to physically visit with the other parent.

Division of marital property will be divided without consideration of the spouses’ marital conduct, but on a number of other factors including but not limited to: value of each spouse’s property, length of marriage, any contributions one spouse may have made to the other spouse’s education, training, or increased earning power.

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