Top 5 Louisiana Divorce Laws

The top 5 things everyone should know about Louisiana divorce laws.


To file for a no-fault divorce in Louisiana, neither spouse must prove martial breakdown, incompatibility, or live without cohabitation.

In a fault divorce, the waiting period after filing the divorce papers in Louisiana is 180 days. After filing the spouses must living separately without cohabitation during the 180 days.

In matter of child custody, Louisiana courts favor joint custody, but will always consider the child’s and parents’ wishes, the child’s safety, wellbeing, and much more factors when deciding. The parent not awarded sole child custody is allowed visitation rights unless the parent has subjected the child to physical or sexual abuse.

Alimony may be granted to the spouse who was without fault in the divorce on permanent periodic basis. The alimony cannot exceed one third of the faulty spouse’s income.

In the property distribution, property obtained before the marriage or awarded solely to one spouse is retained by that spouse. The community property, or property obtained as a married unit, is divided equally after the divorce.

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