Top 5 North Dakota Divorce Laws

The top 5 things everyone should know about North Dakota divorce laws.

North Dakota

The court may grant a temporary or permanent decree of separation before a divorce is legally finalized. As per North Dakot divorce laws, the court may include in the decree an order requiring payment of alimony and child support. The decree may also provide for the equitable division of the property and debts of the parties.

North Dakota divorce laws state that the court may compel either or both of the parents to support their children. A judgment or order requiring the payment of child support until the child is legally an adult.

The court divides property and debts of the parties equitably. It is important to fully disclose, as North Dakota divorce law states that the court may redistribute property after the divorce if a party has failed to disclose property and debts properly or the party fails to comply with the terms of a court order distributing property and debts.

In any proceeding involving an order, modification of an order, or enforcement of an order for the custody, support, or visitation of a child in which the custody or visitation issue is contested, the court may order mediation at the parties\' own expense.

Taking into consideration the circumstances of the parties, the court may require one party to pay spousal support to the other party for any period of time.

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