Alaska Divorce Laws | Residency Requirements


Alaska state law stipulates that the petitioner or person initiating the filing for the divorce/dissolution of marriage must be considered a legal resident of Alaska at the time when the divorce papers are filed and submitted. No residency time limit is stipulated under Alaska divorce law. Special instances are stated if someone is serving within a branch of the military and happens to be continuously stationed in Alaska. Alaska divorce law states that if a member of the military personnel has been stationed and living in Alaska for a minimum of 30 days, he/she will be considered a resident of Alaska for the purposes of filing for divorce under Alaska divorce laws and statutes. If the court discovers that they do not have jurisdictional rights due to residency requirement stipulations the court has a right to refuse to hear the case and can eventually dismiss it. [Alaska Statutes; Sections 22.10.030, 25.24.080, and 25.24.090

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