Alaska Divorce Laws | Counseling & Mediation


Either spouse has the option to request marital mediation in an attempt to reconcile the marriage or come to an agreement on a number of the items within the settlement process. If no request is made, the Alaska divorce courts have the right to order the spouses to submit to mediation if it can be determined that mediation will help the marriage come to a quicker or more agreeable settlement. The court will appoint a mediator. A mediator can be suggested in Alaska divorce courts if it can be seen to benefit a child custody ruling or situation. In some cities and courts in Alaska a mediating service can be provided for spouses whose income is less than 100,000. These mediation sessions are mostly used in concerning co-parenting strategies and visitation rights. Certain Alaskan laws state that if mediation is suggested by the courts the content and discussion in the mediating sessions is considered confidential, however if you have any concerns about discussion matters you should consult your lawyer beforehand.[Alaska Statutes; Section 25.24.060].

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