Oregon Divorce Laws | Alimony


There are official child support scales and formulas available. Oregon divorce laws state that the child support payments may be required to be paid through the clerk of the court. There may be court orders issued to withhold wages to pay for the child support. Every child support award must also contain provisions for the payment of any uninsured medical care for the child and the payment of health insurance for the child. The terms of child support and visitation rights are traditionally ruled on with the benefit of the child in mind and should not be centered on what is best for the parent. Even if parents are not receiving any visitation rights they still must pay the support judged upon them. Also if either spouse is not paying an amount of child support they still must adhere to the specific visitation rights. Any violation of child support rulings and/or visitation right is considered a crime and can be punishable fines or possible imprisonment.

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