California Divorce Laws | Grounds for Divorce


Technically, there are only two grounds for divorce. The two grounds for divorce are:

Irreconcilable differences: This is the no-fault divorce option. The irreconcilable differences that lead to the breakdown of the marriage and the likelihood of reconciliation are determined and gauged by California courts.

Incurable insanity: This is the “general” reason for divorce, also known as the fault-basis for divorce. To file for divorce on grounds of incurable insanity, there must be proof that there is no hope of the insane spouse regaining sanity, like documentation or testimony from therapists and doctors. However, incurable insanity does NOT exclude the insane spouse from child or spousal support.

Although there are only two reasons for divorce, there are an infinite amount of reasons for a marriage to end with irreconcilable differences. There are, however, 8 reasons for a marriage to be legally annulled.

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