California Divorce Laws | Grounds for Divorce


There are 8 circumstances that legally annul a marriage. These are:

Incest: Close blood relatives participating in a marriage or domestic partnership.

Bigamy: A spouse legally married or in a domestic partnership with someone else.

Age at Time of Marriage or Domestic Partnership: The filing party being 18 years old or younger at time of marriage or domestic partnership.

Prior existing marriage or domestic partnership: This is different from bigamy because the spouse is not knowingly committing bigamy due to the prior spouse being absent or thought dead for 5 years.

Unsound Mind: Either party unable or unaware of what marriage or a domestic partnership entails.

Fraud: The omission of the lie, or fraud, must have led the spouse to marry (like marry for a green card or inability to have children).

Force: Either party entered in the marriage by force or coercion of any kind.

Physical Incapacity: If either of the spouses is found to be incurably incapable of consummating the marriage.

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