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Texas Divorce Law Stands Alone

Texas is known for being a state that does things independently. They are, after all, the Lone Star State. So it should come as no surprise that Texas is one of the states in the U.S with the highest number of Pro Se litigants in divorce cases. Pro Se divorce…

November 6th, 2012 Divorce Documents, Texas Divorce

Texas Child Custody Laws Explained

There are many questions that circle the minds of everyone involved whenever divorce is brought up. The dissolution of a marriage is never easy, for those directly involved and those indirectly involved. Child Custody: The Toughest Decision When children are factored into the equation it becomes all the more difficult.…

September 25th, 2012 Child Custody, Texas Divorce
Texas Divorce Without an Attorney

Texas Divorce Without an Attorney?

Many married people in Texas do not know the options they have to accomplish a successful Texas divorce without the aid of a divorce attorney.  The perception that there is only one choice to dissolve a Texas marriage is incorrect and not accurate.  Texas married couples looking to reach an amicable or uncontested…

September 14th, 2012 Do It Yourself Divorce, Texas Divorce
Texas Divorce Law

Texas Divorce Law- Gay Divorce Battleground?

Melissa Etheridge has been making headlines with her statement, “I’m for gay divorce.” Although the sentence appears to be against the values of a gay rights advocate, but her recent campaign is fueled by Etheridge’s personal experience. On April 15th, 2010, Etheridge and her partner Tammy Lynn Michaels announced they…

September 10th, 2012 Divorce Law, Same-Sex Marriage, Texas Divorce
Texas Divorce Form Glossary

Texas Divorce Form Glossary; the Marital Settlement Agreement

One of the most important steps in the divorce process is the Marital Settlement Agreement, which is an agreement that clearly provides the division of assets. Ownership of assets like cars, homes, debt, as well as custody of children and/or pets are a few examples of what you can expect…

September 8th, 2012 Divorce Law, Divorce Settlement, Texas Divorce

Texas Divorce Law; Filing For Divorce in the Lone Star State

We understand for those of you living in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and other parts of Texas that life has been a little rougher now that you are thinking of filing for divorce, and trust us, we understand. But before you begin to file Texas divorce forms, do you know on what…

September 5th, 2012 Grounds for Divorce, Texas Divorce
Divorce in Texas and Alaska

YouTube Videos for Divorce in Texas, Alaska now available

How to File Texas Divorce Forms Online online divorce forms website is pleased to announce we have added a couple new wonderfully informative videos for those looking for divorce information in Texas and Alaska. Texas and Alaska are geographically the United States two largest states but in some ways…

August 10th, 2012 Alaska Divorce, Divorce Videos, Texas Divorce

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