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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Internet Causes Divorce: 4 Ways It Can Happen To You

If you’re thinking about calling an end to your marriage, the Internet can be helpful in easing the process through online divorce services like what you’ll find here at But as much as the World Wide Web can be used as a tool for good, it can also be…

July 31st, 2013 Divorce and Social Media, Marriage Problems & Advice

How Choosing Your Battles Can Help You Avoid Divorce

The breakup of a marriage — whether it’s a bitter, drawn out thing, or a simple online divorce — will leave a lasting effect on your life, and very few people, who’ve ever done it, can look back and say, “That was fun, I’d like to do it again.” Ideally,…

July 29th, 2013 Marriage Problems & Advice

Marriage Addiction: Understand It And Break The Cycle

When you assist troubled couples with online divorce, you tend to meet a lot of people and come across many situations that highlight common problems, which keep relationships from working. One of the most common that we’ve seen is marriage addiction. We’re not sure if that’s a scientific term, but…

July 26th, 2013 Marriage Problems & Advice
Child Health Risks Linked to Divorce

Child Health Risks Linked To Divorce: 5 To Watch Out For

The online divorce process can make life easier on you and your ex, but for children, there often isn’t an “easy way out.” We’ve covered studies here in the last couple of weeks that reveal some adverse effects on children of divorce, and today, we’ve got several more for you…

July 24th, 2013 Divorce and Children

Divorce Appeals: 3 Things You Need To Know

Online divorce proceedings can help you get a fast, satisfactory, and as-painless-as-possible decision when filing for divorce, but as millions of people discover every day, one cannot always count on the process to go smoothly. When there are clashing personalities at work, you’ll need to know a little more than…

July 22nd, 2013 Divorce Process

Top 3 Reasons People Stay In Unhappy Marriages [Study]

Online divorce services like seek to de-complicate the process of filing for divorce. Here you can learn how to file for divorce in an easier, more cost-effective manner. Even so, many couples on the verge of divorce still refrain from throwing in the towel, and according to a new…

July 19th, 2013 Marriage Problems & Advice

Divorce Remorse: 3 Ways To Beat It

Divorce remorse is not at all uncommon among couples, who call it quits. Doesn’t matter if you’ve gone through an easy online divorce or you slugged it out with your ex in a courtroom. It’s only natural after committing so much of your life to another person to second guess…

July 17th, 2013 Life After Divorce

How to File For Divorce 101: 3 “Musts” For Making It Easier On Everyone

Learning how to file for divorce goes beyond knowing which papers you need to sign and how to divvy up the assets in a fair and equitable manner. Many couples think it’s all about finances and administrative paperwork, but there are other factors at play, and without proper grounding, you…

July 15th, 2013 File For Divorce

Filing For Divorce Early In A Child’s Life Can Cause Parental Detachment

Filing for divorce early in a child’s life can cause parental detachment, according to a new study reported in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. The study noted that of the 7,335 mostly female participants, those individuals coming from households where parents had decided on filing for divorce proved to…

July 12th, 2013 Divorce and Children

Do Children Put You More At Risk For Divorce? Research Says No.

Our online divorce service at was established to ease the burden of the divorce process. Along the way, we started to see certain trends in divorce statistics — some surprising, some not so much. But when it comes to the breakup of marriages where children are involved, the findings…

July 11th, 2013 Divorce and Children

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