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Have you tried using apps to help reduce arguments between you and your ex-spouse after a divorce?

In the aftermath of a divorce, the air is usually tense and emotional. No matter how the marriage ended, both parties will always be on guard for conflicts. This makes this phase even more tiring than the actual divorce process sometimes. The good news is, you are not alone in this. There are so many people out there struggling to get through their divorce. Even more people struggle to survive after the actual process.

This high demand for a source of order in the middle of conflict has triggered the development of different apps that divorced couples can use. These apps aim to reduce arguments between ex-spouses by providing transparency in terms of their shared responsibilities, as well as other issues that would affect the entire family.


One source of conflict between ex-spouses is scheduling, and that’s one thing that this app gives a solution to. It has a shareable calendar that helps you both keep track of soccer practices, birthdays, visits, and other important events. Conflicts with your schedule? No problem! The app also allows you to request for schedule changes, which your ex-spouse will be notified of so that you can both make alternative arrangements.

Other features in this app are the ability to manage shared expenses, as well as create a log of your communication. You can even give your lawyers some access into the app so that they can also be informed of what’s going on.


Think of 2Houses as something like Facebook, but only for your family. It creates a private network for you and your ex-spouse, allowing you both to continue being fully-involved in raising your kids. It has a journal where you can share stories about a funny line your youngest daughter said, or a new award your son got from school. You can then add comments, the same way you do on your social media networks.

You can also share pictures, as well as look at a shared calendar in a single tap. The calendar is also color-coded, so it clearly shows which parent is responsible for each event. You can also have a better look at your finances, as well as discuss possible gifts to your children.


Squarehub is similar to 2Houses, but it focuses more on making connections, and not too much on the technical stuff. It lets you share photos, send messages, and even create bucket lists for the entire family! A calendar feature is also available, although its capabilities are limited.


Child support is another issue that makes divorce complicated. SupportPay makes it a lot easier by making the process more transparent. Payments can be made through the app’s secure portal, and receipts are logged for easier tracking. You can also include other expenses here, such as your children’s allowances, gifts, and other expenses for special events.

Of course, this app is not an alternative to the government’s child support calculator. This is perfect for parents who would like to take care of child support in a more amicable manner, without the circus of having lawyers hovering around.


Confused on how to split your assets and debts? iSplit helps you out by giving you a clear overview of all assets and debts, then giving you the ability to drag and drop each of these elements onto your space or to your ex-spouse’s. Each element also has a monetary value attached to it to make it easier to see how equal the division is. Undecided on some things? No worries. There is a parking lot in the middle of your space and your ex-spouse’s, allowing you to leave assets and debts there in case you need more time to think about it.

Divorce is, without a doubt, one of the most stressful things anyone can go through. But with apps to help reduce arguments between you and your ex-spouse, you can make this process easier for you, your ex-spouse, and your kids.

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