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A Time for Thanks, Even if You’re DivorcedIt’s that awkward time of year when the Halloween decorations have been taken down and people are itching to put up their Christmas decorations. The only thing stopping the impending onslaught of red velvet and wreaths is Thanksgiving. Indeed, Turkey Time is almost upon us; do you have your list of things to be thankful written down yet?

This question smarts particularly hard for those who have just finalized their divorce or are currently filing for divorce. When it comes to a divorce, any time is a bad time, but somehow this is intensified during the holidays. Actually, it’s no mystery why recent divorcees curse the holiday season. The holiday season is a time when families feel particularly drawn together, which for a divorcee is like rubbing salt into a wound.

But enough with this doom and gloom; the holiday season is a time for truth, renewal, and hope. So let’s give you a few reasons to be thankful for the life you have, divorce and all.

New Found Freedom

There are many reasons and causes for a couple to divorce, but no matter your circumstances, a divorce gives you a little more freedom. If you were the one served those demonic divorce papers, you might be thinking “Yeah, right.” But no matter your circumstance, your life has probably seemed messy, and totally out of your control. This Thanksgiving why not try out being thankful for a chance to start over and finally be the steering force in your life? Just maybe if you start saying this, you might begin to do it.

The Charmed Time

We all know the saying “Third time is the charm.” What we don’t know, however, is which number is the actual “charm.” But if you had remained in an unhappy marriage, you would never have been given the chance to find out which time was your charmed time. Divorce presents a new chance to find that one person who makes you truly happy. If you were still married you would not have had the freedom to find your charm, so why not view this as your charmed time?

It’s Up to You

When you were married you probably had to compromise, argue over, or sacrifice your ideal holiday plans. It just so happens that this year you have the freedom to fulfill all those holiday dream plans you gave up during your marriage. Really, this is a chance to find yourself and be yourself; it might even be the first time in your life you’ve done either of those things. “No, no. Thank you, Divorce, for allowing me to rediscover and be myself.”

Divorce is a devastating time for everyone. But there is a time and place to mourn and a time and place to find the silver lining in a bad situation. The holiday season is the time to find the silver lining. Luckily though, now that you are divorced, the places and settings of your holiday season celebrations are completely up to you. Here’s to you and yours this Thanksgiving. May this year be yours.

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