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Amicable DivorceDeciding to get a divorce is the first step in a particularly unpleasant process, but who says your divorce has to be painful? True, your soon-to-be-ex-spouse may have been a lying, cheating, condescending waste of space, but an amicable, uncontested divorce makes the process easier on you and any children you might have by that waste of space. An amicable divorce just means that you and your ex-spouse sit down and discuss how to divide your property and assets, spousal support, child support, child custody, and everything else the courts would usually discuss. Basically, an amicable divorce cuts out the middleman. Even if things just didn’t work out with your spouse, an amicable divorce is the way to go.

Precision in Division

One major bonus of an amicable divorce that isn’t related to the family unit is the control you and you’re ex will have over the division of assets. In a regular fault-based, or even no-fault, divorce, the judge will be the one to decide which spouse retains which properties and assets. By having an amicable divorce you and your spouse will be the ones to decide who gets what and collaborate on the outcome of your divorce instead of leaving your fates to the courts. As an extra bonus, amicable divorces are usually less expensive and are resolved faster than divorces settled in court.

Meditate on Mediation

Not convinced you can suppress your rage or hurt enough for an amicable divorce? Don’t worry; there are a few ways to go through an amicable divorce even if you’re boiling underneath the surface.

One great resource to help your amicable, or not so amicable, divorce is mediation. Mediation is just the term used when spouses seeking a divorce contract a neutral third party to assist in the divorce. You and your spouse can contract a mediator alone, or contract a mediator as well as hire your own lawyers.

Remember: Amicable Means Acting Amicably

Always remember when you go the amicable divorce route that you and your spouse must be on the same page before beginning the divorce. Amicable divorce will only work if both spouses acknowledge and act amicably. This means no hiring cut-throat attorneys, no battling for the majority of the assets, and no seeking revenge.

However, if you decide to hire you own lawyers as an extra buffer make sure your lawyers are made aware of the amicable part of the divorce as well. As in any divorce, you should communicate every thought or wish you have regarding your divorce to your lawyer so they are fully aware of your expectations and goals.

Divorce is a harrowing business simply because it signifies a turning point in your life, whether or not you’re ready for it. From this point forward you could choose to turn down a positive, happy path, or down a negative, gloomy path. An amicable divorce could be that segue way you need to find the path that leads to your bright future.

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