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Back-To-School Tips for Divorced ParentsAfter you’ve decided to file for divorce, you think the hard part’s over — unless you’re a parent. Parents know how difficult it can be to maintain a civil relationship with each other while also doing what’s best for their child and attempting to implement their own unique parenting styles. If you’re just now experiencing this type of difficulty, then we’ve got some tips for making it a smoother transition, particularly as it relates to back-to-school season.

Be Consistent On Custody.

When a child goes back to school, it can be somewhat chaotic. They’re getting used to a new way of doing things from the previous year, and you’re trying to set up a structure that will keep your son or daughter on track. Throw divorce papers into the mix, and it gets harder on everyone. With that said, the first thing you should do as co-parents is make sure you’re seeing eye-to-eye on custody arrangements. Be consistent, and don’t throw each other any surprises unless it can absolutely, positively not be helped. How do you know if it can’t be helped? Ask yourself one question: is this absolutely necessary, or is part of me just doing this to annoy my spouse?

Keep Teachers In The Loop.

Seriously, teachers have so much to worry about with adhering to bureaucratic measures and keeping up with a slew of rowdy kids, they don’t need the added stress of guessing who can take the kid out of their class and who can’t. You should both meet with the teacher together and lay out the situation. They will appreciate it and work harder to meet your suggestions head-on. Besides, filing divorce forms may end the marriage, but it doesn’t get Mom and Dad out of working together for the betterment of the child.

Finally, Use Technology To Your Advantage. 

With today’s advanced technologies, there is no reason for not being able to reach your ex on a regular basis concerning important co-parenting news. Texting, phone calls, voice-mails, Facebook messages or timeline posts, tweets: there is a plethora of avenues for reaching out. Use them. Be responsible and check regularly, particularly when you know that your child may need you. Also, consider using shared apps to communicate expenses and sharing.

By following the steps above, it should be much easier to tackle the back-to-school chaos and maintain a unified front as parents, even if you’re not unified as spouses. Good luck!

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