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Grey Divorce & Generation XIt’s true; no relationship is safe from divorce. As news of Generation X’s rising divorce rate some may go into panic mode about this information. But let calm down and look at this calmly. If the X-generation is so large, hence the nickname Baby Boomers, then wouldn’t it be logical to assume that the divorce rate for baby boomers would be larger as well? Yes, it would be logical, and that is probably contributing to the shocking statistics. However, the generation’s sheer size is only a contributing factor to the divorcing phenomenon happening with our Boomers. Two different studies about Gen. X have found some fascinating tidbits about how they are choosing to live their lives.

Generation X-treme

One study compared the 1990 and 2009 divorce rates in people aged 50 and older, and found that people aged 50 and older in 2009 were twice as likely to divorce as people aged 50 or older in 1990. Maybe it’s the divorce-crazy era that’s influencing these crazy kids, or maybe it’s just the age when adults no longer feel obligated to “stay together for the kids.” We cannot know for sure, but whatever it is, it’s causing people to wonder what else our Boomers will do. The second study compared the amount of single people between the ages 50 and 64 who “cohabitated,” or were roommates. In 2000, 7% of single people between 50 and 64 years old roomed together, where as in 2010, 12% of people from that age range were choosing to cohabitate. Being roommates may seem like an odd living situation for 50- somethings, but stranger things have happened in the world.

What Age Do You Stop Living Life?

Whispers on the internet from bloggers talk about “grey divorce” as odd and sad because when these Boomers age and become unable to care for themselves, they won’t have a spouse to take care of them. In the current age of realism and pragmatism, this is a low point. Not that Generation Y readily accepts their parents are humans with needs, desires, and feelings just like them, but shackling our Boomers to an unhappy marriage for life is inhumane. Additionally, Baby Boomers are sitting around awaiting death to knock on the door any minute; they are busy living lives too. Anyone thinking otherwise just proves our society is age-centric.

Gerontophobia and Us

Gerontophobia is the morbid fear or dislike or old persons, and American culture’s got it bad. Generation X is in hot pursuit of happiness in the time on earth they have left, which at times involves divorce. Instead of understanding, the blogosphere and news headlines attempt to produce a widespread panic over the state of American morals and family structures. No one plans on filing for divorce when they get married, but unfortunately, sometimes it’s the only answer. With that said, let’s send off our Boomers with a piece of solid advice if they’re mulling over the idea of a divorce. A marriage of 30 plus years makes divorce more difficult to calculate and divide the marital property and assets, so it would be best to talk with a professional about that matter. Generation X better get their P’s and Q’s in strict order if they are thinking about a divorce.

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