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California Expensive DivorceToday, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the most expensive examples of California divorce that our state’s star-studded history has to offer. Here in the Golden State, we are known for a lot of things: the beaches, Hollywood, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hotel Del Coronado, and other iconic landmarks that makes California almost mythical in scope for its wide array of sights and sounds. However, very few have taken the time to talk about the fact that with big stars, big politics, and big egos also come very big divorce settlements. While we would rather be reviewing a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley, the facts are that California is also legendary for its big time divorce battles and subsequent divorce settlements.

The Terminator, a Kennedy, and the Housekeeper

Hollywood’s power couple had it all:  looks, brawn, fame, fortune, and one of our country’s most prolific political families in its blood line. After 25 years of marriage, as well as the notoriety that came with being California’s Governor, it looked like nothing could rock their relationships foundation with nary a mention of California divorce. That is until it was revealed that Arnold had a illegitimate child with his family’s longtime housekeeper. That one little indiscretion cost the bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-politician an estimated $250-$375 million dollars, as the official settlement was never made public.

The Dodgers Wife

Frank McCourt made a fortune becoming the parking lot king of Boston. After an unsuccessful bid at buying the Boston Red Sox, he set his sights on the Los Angeles Dodgers and for a paltry $430 million he bought the Dodgers from Newscorp, the mega-corporation owned by Rupert Murdoch.  By 2010, McCourt saw his investment valued at $727 million dollars according to Forbes.  When domestic issues and California divorce laws took hold, though, McCourt was destined for a series of very bad days.  Wife Jamie, after 30 years or marriage, filed for divorce with an initial request for nearly $1 million in temporary spousal support.  According to the LA Times, the pair reached a settlement, where Frank ended up paying his ex-wife $131 million dollars.  History’s box score of this divorce will show it was Jamie McCourt who ended up with the biggest pinch hit of all time.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and L. Ron Hubbard

What story about California divorce would be complete without a mention of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes! Tom Cruise, Hollywood A-lister, routinely voted one of the sexiest men on the planet, also happens to be a rabid scientologist.  All things were going swimmingly, until sources reported that fellow star Katie Holmes was hesitant to send daughter Suri to a scientology class for juveniles.  While initial reports suggested the couple prepared to do battle in divorce court, it took a mere 11 days for the couple to reach a divorce settlement that, while undisclosed, many believe allows Katie to extricate herself and her daughter from Tom’s passion for Scientology, which itself is priceless. Also of note, Tom has now been married three times and each one of his marriages ended once his wife reached 33 years of age. The number 33 has major significance in Scientology circles. A Coincidence? We think not.

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