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Cashman Slides Home Safe In Divorce SettlementNew York Yankee’s General Manager Brian Cashman has made a substantial deal outside of the Major League Baseball world. When  rumors circulated over the last 3 years about his alleged infidelity, one could only expect that divorce was on the horizon for the man estimated to be worth a cool $9 million. Cashman has worked his expertise in negotiating once again and managed to settle his divorce out of family court.

Cashman’s estranged wife Mary Bresnan was on the verge of taking Cashman to family court in what would have seen a fight to the end for a substantial amount of money. Instead, the two decided to agree to terms on their Connecticut divorce as an amicable split outside the walls of divorce court.

It’s unclear as to just what the negotiations and settlement entails but sources have said that, Bresnan had been seeking permanent alimony, a split of their properties including their $3.7 million Darien, Connecticut home and joint custody of their 13-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son.

The stone started gathering moss on this story when Cashman’s alleged mistress began stalking him and demanding cash to keep her quiet. Louise Neathway, claims she had a year-long affair with the GM. This is not the only woman to come out of the woodwork and claim to be the lady in waiting attached to Cashman. Back in 2010, Kim Brennan also claimed to be seeing the Bronx Bombers boss.

Cashman’s Yankee’s are currently in 2nd place behind the Baltimore Orioles in the AL East. With a record of 81-62, his team has shown no signs of letting these proceedings interfere with their play. When you play in New York there are distractions aplenty. This is just part of the circus.

The world will have to wait in the wings to see and hear just how well Mary Bresnan makes out in this out of court settlement. This is the final piece in the puzzle for her as she officially changed her name back to Bresnan in hopes to rid herself of Cashman for good. With Cashman being such a high roller, and Bresnan having to go through so many infidelity rumors in the biggest media market in the nation, her bank account will no doubt be robust very soon.

One thought on “Cashman Slides Home Safe In Divorce Settlement

  1. low boyd

    Well if Mary has her maiden name back now then all should know that she is a heir to a cable industry veteran’s fortune. Her father sold a mid west cable company to Paul Allen ( the Microsoft founder) for 3 billion in the mid 1990’s , bought part of it back and then resold that part to Cablevison for almost 2 billion and now her and her brothers run another spin off in the cable related high speed data space. So she really doesn’t need the money. Just the principle of the slap in the face she received. Seems like many years ago Cashman’s dad ( race horse industry) met George Steinbrener and the Bressen family at a horse track. Brian Cashman “lucked out” by marring way up the social ladder and used the horse industry contacts to land his initial job with the Yanks. I guess his luck has ran out>>>>


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