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Celebrating Divorce with an Unbridled ShowerThe stigma attached to divorce is that of failure, of sadness and of heartbreak. We often see divorce depicted in everyday life as something that is awful and soul crushing. It’s rare to see someone completely happy with divorce, granted, there are those who welcome the notion of a disillusioned marriage for a multitude of reasons, but are never fully happy with the occurrence. Until now.

New Trends in Divorce

The biggest trend in divorce today is that of a divorce party, or an unbridled shower. It sounds bizarre that anyone would want to celebrate such a dramatic change in their lives, especially with their friends and family. Times are changing. These parties not only celebrate the newest chapter in the life of the divorcee, but they aid in the process of moving on and rebuilding.

A Celebration of a Different Kind

At the parties, gifts such as new silverware, china and other essentials are typically given. With divorce comes the division of assets, so these things come in handy for someone starting again on their own in a new house. The parties praise and adorn the newly divorced guest of honor and help them transition into their new lives, knowing that they are supported by those who care about them the most.

Life’s New Chapter

At one divorce party chronicled in the N.Y times earlier this year, documented Tom Carling’s divorce party where he received mostly kitchen utensils to help him rebuild his life. He stated that, “The kitchen is an intimate space, and if you’ve been married for 25 years as I had, you really form attachments to the items you’ve been using. I’d feel like a really lonely bastard, so the shower gave me this sense that I’d have the strength to move on.”

Divorce Parties and Related Businesses 

This new untapped resource and crazy phenomena is catching on like wildfire, it really was only a matter of time before the industry was capitalized on in this area. Debenhams, the London based department store, now has a divorce registry section for these types of parties. There are even companies who specialize in divorce cakes, specialty divorce party fireworks and a plethora of other wacky things that you can think of that would fit right in at a function such as this one.

What will they think of next? It seems that divorce has taken on so many different angles and everyone is cashing in on the ever present split between man and wife these days. As one of the innovators in providing online divorce papers, we have seen how the public perception of divorce may be experiencing a sea change.

Many find that having an outlet to express one’s true feelings about this difficult time in their lives is a much better way to find happiness again. Who can really point the finger and say that divorce parties aren’t doing some good for those that have them? Why not turn this experience into something good that one can learn from? Divorce parties are a thing of the future, and the future is now.


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