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The Fight Is Over For Chad JohnsonLets get you caught up to speed. For those of you that don’t know, infamous wide receiver Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson has had the worst September in recent history. He was arrested for domestic violence, got dropped from his team the Miami Dolphins, lost his reality show, and his wife filed for divorce.

Since then he has refused to sign the divorce papers from his estranged wife Evelyn Lozada, tattooed her face on his leg and most recently pleaded NOT guilty to battery charges stemming from the altercation he had with Evelyn. The incident sparked the downward spiral that is Chad’s life as of late

The next thing in the saga is one you may not expect. Chad has signed the divorce papers that were served to him back on August 14th shortly after the August 5th altercation. Lozada wanted to make it a speedy process but Chad was stalling, big time. It was almost as if he just refused to see the writing on the wall.

He has come to his senses, finally

Chad Johnson has actually accepted the fact that his marriage to Evelyn Lozada is over filing divorce papers in Florida on Thursday. The divorce docs show that he admits the union is “irretrievably broken”. Chad admits the two have a prenup that he believes should be enforced especially the part about who pays for the lawyers.

According to the documents, Johnson wants a judge to block Evelyn’s request that Chad pay for all of her legal bills and lawyer fees. He has chosen to cite a provision in the prenup in which the two sides agreed to pay their own way if they were to split up.

The divorce is still yet to be finalized

My only hope is that Chad can get his life turned around and headed in the right direction.  He has a long uphill battle to climb, as the last few seasons he has seen his productivity on the field decline drastically since his time with the Cincinnati Bengals. In 2009, he grasped 72 catches for a nice 1,047 yards and 9 TD’s. Compared to 2011 with the Patriots that saw him catch 15 passes for 276 yards and a mere 1 solitary touchdown.

This was an ugly divorce from start to finish. Once this is completely finished, and out of the way, perhaps Chad can focus on the reason he’s even famous in the first place; scoring touchdowns. That will require focus and determination. Does he have what it takes? Time will tell, and we will all be on the edge of our seats to find out.

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