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Co-parenting tips for the post divorce environmentRaising a child in a happy home can still have its heartaches and stresses. No matter how many books or studies are published no one has the exact right path for a parent or parents to follow for successfully raising children. With the rise of the divorce rate in the last generation and the boom of the single parent, there are a whole new set of scenarios and situations that divorced parents can and will experience….

Single parents going through a divorce or post divorce are not only starting their own life over, but figuring out a new set of rules on how to govern their kids. We spoke about divorce advice in depth in our blog called How to help children of divorce, but wanted to expound on that topic a bit more from the standpoint of parenting from two homes.  What can you do as a single parent to help guide your child toward responsibility and success his/her home has been fractured and separated? Let’s take a look at some ways in which single parents can best help their children down that path to emotional stability and life success.

Separate houses same rules

When setting up the guidelines going forward as single parents there are a few tips that can be hard to follow over a period of time. In dealing with the changing households kids can often have fragmented and inconsistent rules, which can often be conflicting and confusing. While filing an amicable, uncontested divorce can take a lot of hostility associated with the divorce process, we know that is not always the case. Rules in each house do not necessarily have to be exactly the same, but the same general guidelines should be applied to each home.

Equal punishment in separate homes

Along with the rules should come the consistency in discipline implementation. If a child loses a privilege in one household, make sure you maintain this punishment under your roof as well. Trying to selfishly be the “good” parent and letting your child get away with things in these situations will only result and a pattern of lack of understanding of consequences.

Consistency is Key

Keep consistency in scheduling. Understandably, you and your ex-spouse may not both be on the same daily schedule. But when it comes to after school for kids try to maintain a consistent schedule. Homework, studying, dinner, and bedtime among others should try and be scheduled at the same time in both households.

Being single parents working together after a divorce can of course be stressful. Maintaining communication and consistency for your child is the most effective way to establish basic ground rules of parenting for both sides.

Divorce is inevitable in many situations today, but bad parenting doesn’t have to be. Setting your personal feelings aside for something as genuinely mutual as the success of your child can be beneficial to all parties involved. At MyDivorcePapers we can help you with any questions you may have about how to file divorce papers and can guide you through situations while always keeping your child number 1 in the plans for your future.

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