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Dignity and Composure Rule No Matter What the Stakes

Dignity and Composure Rule No Matter What the StakesA recent story on our sister website DivorceNewsNetwork.TV about the divorce process, and how it applies to the super-rich, sheds some new light on what divorce is like for the demographic most can only dream of. And most probably assume that these types of divorce cases happens more for California Divorce or New York Divorce than in other states. But upon further review, one must give pause to realize that no matter what state you live, no matter was upper or lower class, no matter how big the income, no matter how high the social standing–at the end of the day, divorce is still undoubtedly a process of give and take. While in some cases the argument may be over the fine art and expensive china, for others it is the mid ’90s Toyota Celica. It’s still a process of give and take, it is only the level and value of the spoils that are in question.

Well-Intentioned Compromise

At its heart, that is what divorce really is; it’s the process of dividing and splitting things in a way that best fits both parties so that all involved can attempt to put the past behind them for a brighter tomorrow.  While the cliché of “to the victor goes the spoils” certainly rings true in some cases where one has chosen to file for divorce,  provided that a fair and well-negotiated divorce is one of the best outcomes possible out of what, for many, will be one of the most tense and stressful situations they will face in a lifetime.

Focus on Positives

All too often we hear from those who commonly associate the phrase “divorce process” with images of going to war or prepping themselves to enter the field of mortal combat.  Sadly, those images and gross mischaracterizations set the stage for turmoil and hostility, when in actuality, this process should be one of negotiation, compromise, maturity, and a positive attitude that the split will result in brighter days ahead for all parties involved.

Divorce is not a synonym for the word “Disappear”

With that in mind, is it better to have an amicable, uncontested divorce, in which you can look at your ex-spouse with at least a moderate amount of respect? Or is it better to leave a relationship like the proverbial cowboy, galloping away from Dodge City, never to return again? Most reasonable adults would probably agree that relationships are important; divorce does not make the relationship with your spouse completely null and void. We have heard many stories regarding a kinship built post-divorce, which made that relationship grow stronger. That is not to say there may be a romantic rekindling, but incompatibility in a martial sense does not necessarily mean incompatibility in the sense  of a cordial, mutually respectful relationship


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