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Geography and Frequency of DivorcePolls, data, and statistics. Taking the pulse within a large body of people, especially as diverse as the United States, can be tedious in nature. Many variables go into gathering, refining, and coming to conclusions on data for millions of people. The divorce rate has long been the subject of popular opinion and varying statistics. Many of us have the popular belief in modern times that it hovers around 50%.

This is pretty much true as it has shown to fluctuate from around 45% to 50% in recent years. But where in the country is divorce most prominent? Where is marriage more abundant? What about second and third marriages? How successful are people in the second or even third chances of marriage. The results may surprise you.

Divorce and Marriage in the south

Geographic portions of data can give us a pulse as to the atmosphere in to different parts of the country. For divorce and marriages statistics it’s interesting to see how different parts of the country come together and grow apart. As the melting pot, the US has sometimes vastly different communities depending on where you live. The data on marriage and divorce reflects just that. During the last census bureau, polling results showed that divorce is more prominent in the south. It also showed that there are more marriages happening in the south as well.  It was reported that in the southern states 10.1 out of every 1,000 got divorced, while 11.1 women per 1,000 got divorced in the south. By similar comparison in the northeast, the divorce rate for men per 1,000 was 7.2, while women were at 7.5 respectively.

A charm on the third time?

We learn from experience. Trial and error denotes a basic human trait in which we learn and grow through natural real world experience of getting better at each attempt. It would be logical to think that we can learn from a failed marriage. The strain and let down of falling in love with a potential life partner only to have it fail, in theory, would help us to learn and grow if we attempted marriage again. Well, humans were never said to be logical creatures at heart and the data proves it. While the often debated divorce rate hovers in the mid to upper 40 percentile, the rate for second and third marriage is, surprisingly, even higher. The divorce rate found in second marriages is reported to be between 60 and 67%. Third tries at marriages fair even worse, with a divorcing rate of 70 to 73%, proving that Pavlov’s theory does not translate well into sociology and the realm of marriage.

Divorce, Gender, and Financial Hardship

A split in a family can be an emotionally trying time. Add to that the economic fallout and it can be a mixture for disaster. Even parents with good jobs can struggle when striking out on their own post divorce. With the possibility of support and alimony, any situation can turn into economic dire straits. The affects of divorce on men and women financially are not always equal when looking at the data. In the most recent Census bureau report it was reported that women were more likely to receive public assistance than men, at a comparative rate of 23% to 15%. Women were also more likely to experience poverty post-divorce.  With 22% of women who divorced in the previous 12 months living at the poverty level, compared with just 11% of men.

Divorce statistics, as with any large collective data bank of numbers, should be taken with the understanding that they are not infallible. They are meant to give us a pulse on the different social landscapes throughout our nation. It can be said, unmistakably, that divorce is part of life. Half of couples who enter into marriage will at some point be looking to file for divorce, and there are many more who want or feel they should get divorced but don’t file. There are many variables in the American marriage and the reasons for divorce. At MyDivorcePapers, we understand this can be one of the toughest decisions. Knowing information about your particular situation can be beneficial to helping you take the first steps in filing for divorce. Our state specific divorce law videos can breakdown the intricacies of what you need to know to help you gain the right insight in your situation. Visit today and find out what you need to know about your divorce.

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