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Hiring a Divorce Coach

The Many Faces of a Divorce Coach

Some divorce coaches may have had actual collegiate training at one of the various colleges popping up, like the College for Divorce Coaching in Tampa, Florida. These new colleges offer courses in various divorce topics, and upon completion of the training, the students receive a certificate of completion. Divorce coaches come in many different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. A divorce coach can specialize in legal matters, emotional and psychological matters, financial matters, or any combination of the three. Divorce coaches may also have been attorneys, psychologists, or bankers that decided to go into business for themselves and offer a helping hand to divorcees.

Legal Divorce Coaches: These coaches usually have firm legal background and they can be very helpful in a less rigid, more comforting manner than an attorney. But, it’s recommended to use a legal divorce coach along with an attorney just in case, and especially  if you’re divorce is contested and therefore a much stickier legal situation. For uncontested divorces, a legal coach maybe the perfect balance of friendly shoulder and legal guide. The average legal divorce coach charges anywhere from $100 to $150 an hour, which is nothing to sneeze at compared to an attorney’s fees.

Emotional Divorce Coach: Although these divorce coaches don’t treat their clients like therapy patients, they assist their clients with the more psychological and emotional affects of divorce. These divorce coaches aim to help their clients maintain a healthy balance during the entire divorce process. Many divorces occur because one spouse feels they lost their identity in the marriage. This is where divorce coaches step in and help a person redefine their lives and feel like a balanced, functioning human.

Financial Divorce Coach: Many financial divorce coaches are simply just financial coaches who have a large clientele of recent divorcees. But there are some divorce coaches who are specially trained in reviving finances and offer money saving tips for their clients.

People have many different coping mechanisms, and not all of them are for the best. The job of a divorce coach, above all, is make sure their client comes out of the divorce’s legal rigmarole intact and in a better place emotionally and financially. If you feel you need more support to get through your divorce and contract a divorce coach, just remember to check their credentials.

3 thoughts on “Divorce on Your Side: Hiring a Divorce Coach

  1. Laura McGee

    Thank you for sharing the many ways we as divorce coachs can facilitate a cost conscious, family-centric, high integrity divorce. It’s time to think outside the box.

  2. Rose

    Hello Barbara, Thanks a lot for providing such useful information on the divorce coach. Divorce coach play an important roll in the divorce process along the lawyer.


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