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How Politics Leads to DivorceDisagreements are just part of life, so naturally they occur within a marriage. It used to be considered taboo for two people to enter into marriage with different beliefs, especially as far as religion and politics were concerned. But, alas, this is the 21st Century, a far cry from anything remotely close to the aforementioned way of matrimony.

With Super Tuesday fast approaching, we at thought it would be a good idea to discuss some of the major influences behind divorce, especially pertaining to political beliefs. So here they are, some of the top reasons that have been known to spur instances of divorce when politics have been involved.

Putting Politics Before Your Spouse
The key to a successful marriage is trust and open communication, but above all, respect. Respect for your spouse in every sense of the word. This, often times means their political views too. When spouses don’t respect the choice that their significant other has made in regards to their political views, arguments often ensue. People choose their political affiliation based on their beliefs and values. Trying to change someone’s views is essentially asking to change the person you have married. When this is realized, dissolution is often the result.

Not Establishing a Stalemate
When spouses don’t agree to disagree on the subject of the latest debate, or the foreign policy agenda of the Commander in Chief, things tend to get out of hand. Establishing a common ground, or even a gag order on certain things is usually the best route to choose. However, there are those who simply feel strongly about their political views, and it causes discord and a divide in the marriage.

Frivolous Finances
Money is usually an issue and a contributor to divorce, so mixing that with a conflict of interest politically, is just asking for a bad time. Using money from a joint account to go out of the way to support one political party or motion spells disaster. Keep finances between both parties involved strictly for the use of things on a mutual level.

Politics can still be a big part of one’s life, even if their spouse doesn’t agree. It’s highly likely that you didn’t get married because of your political views, and if you did, they’d probably be the same and not polar opposites. If need be, debate politics with someone outside of your marriage, but keeping one another happy and being respectful is something that needs to be done in order to keep the marriage intact.

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