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How To File For Divorce Online

How To File For Divorce OnlineThe decision to get a divorce is never an easy one, but there’s no reason to make it any harder than you need to. The fastest and most painless way to get an uncontested divorce is to file for divorce online.

Here’s how:

The first step when filing for divorce online is to find a website that allows you to fill out and download your divorce form. A quick Google search for “filing for divorce online” should give you plenty of choices.

Next, find the state in which you’re planning to file for divorce and see if you’re eligible. Most online divorce websites have a prescreening process that will let you know whether you’re eligible within minutes. For example, in order to file for divorce in California, one of the residency requirements is that you must have lived in California for at least six months.

Once you’ve determined that you’re eligible to file for divorce online, the next step is to answer the questions provided to you by the website. The website uses these questions to fill out your online paperwork, so lying or guessing may cause problems for you down the line.

After you’ve answered all the questions, the next step is deciding whether or not you’d like your fully completed divorce forms sent to your house, or downloaded as a PDF you can print from your home printer. If you decide to have the forms sent to your house, all you need to do is enter in your home address (note: Sending the divorce forms to your house can take up to two to seven business days).

The final step is to sign the papers and file them at the appropriate court house.

Filing for an uncontested divorce online really is the fastest, cheapest, and most painless way to file for divorce.

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