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Restart Your Life After DivorceYou may feel like your life has fallen apart after your divorce. How do you rebuild your life and your self-esteem during this transition? What are some great self-help tips that will give you the tools you need to move forward and live a fulfilling new life? Here are some great post-divorce self-help tips that can guide you in your new journey.

  1. Accept your emotions, but learn how to let go of them. Write down a list of everything you feel and why. Do you regret your marriage? Are you sad and thinking wistfully of the good times that once were? Are you afraid to be on your own? Accept all of your fears and work to address each one with viable solutions and positive self-talk. Only then can you move forward.
  1. Make personal goals for yourself. Do you need to get in shape? Are you ready to make more money? Want to go back to school and get that career started that you always dreamed of? Start thinking about what you want out of your new life and make a viable, realistic plan to achieve it.
  1. Spend time with loved ones. When we feel sad, scared, or lonely, we like to isolate ourselves. This is an unhealthy habit and will only amplify the negative emotions that you feel. Being with friends and loved ones will help you learn how to stay positive after divorce.
  1. Start laughing. Laughter truly is the best medicine when you’re feeling down in the dumps. Begin to take life less seriously and embrace the here and now. Stop watching dark, depressing movies or obsessing about something bad going on in the news. Find humor in everyday life and begin sharing that with others.
  1. Consider transitional dating. It’s not a good idea to jump into a new relationship right away after divorce. But going on a few casual dates will help build your self-esteem and squash your unfounded fears about being alone. Not only will dating bring back your self-worth, it will be fun. And you deserve to enjoy yourself! Just keep it casual until you know you’re ready for a serious relationship.
  1. Change for the better. How do you build a happier lifestyle after divorce? By changing the aspects about yourself that you least like. Perhaps you were unfaithful to your ex, or maybe you didn’t communicate your needs to them effectively. Write down all of the parts of your personality that you want to work on and start focusing on making those changes. It will take time, and we all know that change isn’t easy. But after a while, you will begin to see yourself in a brand new way. It will also help you form new friendships and relationships.
  1. Learn how to relax. A relaxed mind is able to deal with stress in a different way than a frazzled mind. Start practicing deep breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, or prayer, if religious. Many find exercise to increase a sense of well-being. Whatever type of way helps you relax, work on practicing it everyday.

There are many ways that you can work to improve yourself after divorce. These are common habits after a divorce, which provide valuable ways to feel better and restart your life. Start slowly, but make a concerted effort to transform into a brand new, better you. It will help the transition process, and will strengthen your future relationships with others.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on rebuilding your life for the better, and be the person you always wanted to be.

Do you have any personal experiences or stories of what worked best on helping to restart your life after divorce? Please feel free to share it in the comments below.

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