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Kim Kardashian Under Fire For Divorce and Cancer Comparison

Kim Kardashian Under Fire For Divorce and Cancer ComparisonKim Kardashian is never one to shy away from controversial comments. Lets be honest, she’s famous for being famous. In order to be as such, she has been in the tabloids more than most in the last year. Most notably for her substantially short marriage to Brooklyn Nets Forward, Kris Humphries, that lasted a mere 72 days. Her current romance with rapper Kanye West has also been in the news for a multitude of reasons. Kanye being controversial in his own right (the infamous Taylor Swift speech debacle), makes for headlines in and of itself. But I digress, Kim K has sparked yet another whirlwind of controversy and outrage with her latest comments to the British publication, “The Guardian”.

It has been reported that while conducting the interview that was centered around her life and the on goings of it over the last few years, naturally her divorce to Kris Humphries arose. Being the gracious woman that she is, Kim obliged and answered all questions on the matter. However, I’m sure there’s one question she would love to have not answered or elaborated on.


Kim Kardashian as Victim?

When Kim spoke of her recent divorce she felt compelled to compare herself to someone suffering from cancer. Now, lest we not forget that Kim is the one who filed for divorce, so putting herself in the victim role here is highly selfish and wrong. Also, comparing what she went through to cancer has absolutely no place in the conversation. Cancer patients go through so much suffering and heartache, sometimes years of intense treatments and therapies. Yes, she may have been upset about the situation but, she has clearly bounced back, now that she is in a pretty serious relationship with Kanye.

Eschewed Priorities

It is reported that Kim’s actual words in the interview were, “I spoke to a girl today who had cancer and we were talking about how this is such a hard thing for her, but it taught her a big lesson on who her friends are and so much about life. She’s 18. And I was like, that’s how I feel.”

Damage Control

Kim is always in the media, but this is probably something that she would like to move past as soon as possible. Shockingly, when the article was published, Kim’s representatives released a statement saying that she was misquoted and that her intentions were not to compare herself to anyone suffering from cancer, only that she has been affected by cancer and knows how hard it is to battle against.

Cancer and Divorce is a Ridiculous Comparison

Either way, regardless of how you meant it, putting cancer patients and your shambles of a marriage that YOU ended, in the same breath is ridiculous and laughable. Backtracking will not help Kim escape this one lightly. It appears that her foot has entered her mouth once again, on the grandest of scales. Or perhaps it just never left. As serious as the process of divorce is, one could never be as foolish to compare divorce with chemotherapy.

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