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Know How to File in AlaskaKnowing the right steps to take when starting out on anything new can be a little daunting and confusing. Now, when that something is the dissolution of a marriage, the degree of difficulty goes up exponentially. Each state has an abundance of different and varying laws in terms of how a divorce is to be carried out. There are also many variances in divorce itself, from contested to uncontested. If children are involved in the process, then that adds yet another wrinkle into the mix as far as how a divorce is to be handled. With all of these different options, it can be frustrating and overwhelming when knowing how and where to start. Here is a  how to guide and information on the laws surrounding an uncontested divorce without children in the state of Alaska.

Forms to Obtain

Unlike other states, Alaska makes the process of filing as easy as possible for both parties. The first thing you should do is obtain a SHC-183 form. This form gives complete instructions on the entire filing process. The document serves as a check list for you to know exactly what forms you need for your filing and what they are for. Some of the forms are not available on line, and the SHC-183 form will tell you where to obtain the forms you need when they are not online. Many of them are easy to pick up at your local courthouse, Bureau of Vital Statistics, or through the Family Law Helpline. Here is the list of forms that you will need to proceed with the initial filing:

  • SHC 102 – Initial divorce filing document. Names and personal information for both parties will be entered on this form.
  • CIV 125S – This is the case description form that tells the court the type of dissolution being sought.
  • DR 314 – Court case information document. This has the name, location, and date of the place in which the divorce is being filed.
  • CIV 100 – Only available from the local court. This is the summons for the case itself.
  • VS 401 – Only available from court. This is the divorce certificate.
  • SHC 1000 – Property & Debt Worksheet. Properly allocates assets to either party.

So there you have it, these six forms will get you underway in the divorce process in Alaska if you have no children in an uncontested divorce. According to Alaska divorce laws, these are the documents needed to be filed by both parties. If this is not properly done, the court has the legal right to deny any petition for divorce. Any questions or concerns should be answered at

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