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Lifestyle Changes to Make After Divorce Do you want to start over after your divorce, in every way, shape and form? Many people fresh out of marriage are looking for ways to reinvent themselves, or become in tune with their inner dreams and desires. This is normal! The good news is, there are many great lifestyle changes that can help you along your path towards reclaiming your life after divorce. Here are some changes to make after divorce, and new habits to form after divorce that will assist you in your journey.


  1. Get in shape. Have you been lugging around an extra 20 lbs the last few years, and haven’t bothered to drop it due to depression? Do you grab food on the go and tend to eat junk over nutritious, healthy choices? If so, it’s time to start considering major changes to your lifestyle. Getting in shape and eating a nutritional, balanced diet will help you feel more in control of your life, and will give you the confidence you need after going through a rough time. Exercise also helps boost endorphins, which will increase any mood changes you may have due to the divorce.


Already in shape? That’s great! Now it’s time to take it to the next step. Start training for a marathon, or try out a new sport that you haven’t done before. Challenging yourself and striving towards new goals is one of the top things to do after divorce. It will allow your mind to focus on positive things, instead of obsessing about the negatives in your life.


  1. Develop a financial plan. According to the Huffington Post, developing a financial plan for your new single life is one of the top essential lifestyle changes to make after divorce. They explain that taking care of their financial future and making a ten-year plan can be “daunting at first, but this step is immensely empowering.”


So how do you go about making this financial plan? Educate yourself and find an expert who can assist you with any questions you may have. Experts can be both accountants and financial planners who will set you on the right track.


  1. Consider a transitional relationship. WebMD says that considering a transitional relationship after divorce may be the very thing you need to feel good about being single again. It isn’t great to jump into the next relationship and get serious right away. However, going on casual dates or meeting up with old acquaintances can help you feel at ease with yourself and your new life. They say, “This isn’t about rebounding. It’s about dating outside of your comfort zone.”


Also, consider transitional friendships. Maybe you need to meet some newly divorced friends who can help you get through this rough patch. Start communicating better with your partner in order to prevent future drama from occurring. According to, “sometimes the problem isn’t that you’re getting distracted; the problem is that you’re arguing about two entirely different things, or that you have different ideas about what you’re asking for.” In other words, diffuse drama in your relationship by communicating properly and making sure everyone is on the same page.


There are many ways to make lifestyle changes after you get a divorced which can help you get started on your new path in life. If you follow positive habits and work everyday to move past this difficult time, you are bound to feel better in no time. Your new, single life is waiting for you. All it takes is some initiative and work to make sure it is successful.

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