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Most Popular Months for Marriage and Divorce

Most Popular Months for Marriage and DivorceEvery month of the year seems to have specific theme to it, such as February to Valentine’s Day and December to Christmas. So, what I’m wondering is, what do the months March and June have in common? It’s the two months for the most make-ups and break ups. According to research, March is the most popular month for divorce while June is the most common month for marriage.

When researching the month for highest divorce, I hypothesized a winter month would have the most divorces. But, to my surprise, the most common month to file for divorce is March, a spring month. After much reasoning and research, I’ve concluded two good reasons why – holidays and taxes. There seems to be a consensus that unhappy married couples wait until March to file for divorces because of the desire to stay together through the holidays, whether it is for the kids or for the company. Moreover, as a new year begins, many couples make resolutions to improve their relationship. However, as two months pass by and nothing changes, divorce finally approaches during March madness.

In every relationship, finances are also very important. The technicalities of taxes make a large difference when shifting to joint marriage accounts. Moreover, couples who do not own a house or have children together suffer from more tax burdens to due less deductibles. Therefore, unmarried couples who suffer from financial burdens often to end up filing for divorce. Although couples with children and a home benefit from tax deductibles, this light financial lift does not leave couples with children and a home less susceptible to divorce forms. As a matter of fact, all these extra factors only complicate a marriage, which could eventually lead to its downfall without careful planning and communication.

On a lighter note, it is not surprising that one of the best months to get married would be the happy medium between spring and summer, which marks June. Although many reason that is why June is such a popular month for marriage, weddings in June historically stem from ancient Victorian traditions. June, also known as Juno, was named after the Roman goddess of marriage. By getting married in June, the goddess Juno would bring prosperity and happiness. Moreover, ancient Romans planned weddings to June for practicality. If the bride were wed in June, she was most likely give birth to her first child in Spring, allowing her enough time to recover before the fall harvest. Although many of us do not need time to prepare for fall harvest now, June still stays one of the best months to get married due to its warm weather and seasonal flowers popular for weddings.

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