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Olympics and DivorceWith the opening ceremonies underway, we thought we would hop on the bandwagon of talking about, what else?  The Olympics.  When it comes down to it, the Olympics really do have a lot on common with divorce.

It starts off dramatically…then sucks

When you first get a divorce, everything seems like a tumultuous event, much like the Opening Ceremony.  As the days go on, though, it just gets kind of…blasé.  Sure, every now and then, there is something that catches your attention, but especially if you’re getting a divorce in California, the whole experience can feel like it just drags on.  Whether it is getting through the necessary waiting periods or waiting until the Olympic Speedwa–I mean, “Racewalking“–event is finally over, the hubbub is generally at the beginning of the process when everything is still new and raw.

There are very few winners

Despite our high divorce rate nowadays, you are still more likely to have a successful marriage than win a medal when competing in the Olympics.  With only three medals being given out per event, and a divorce rate hovering around the 45-50% mark, it is far more likely that you are to successfully remarry than you are to actually place in an event, let alone win that coveted gold metal.

It’s supposed to bring people together, but actually drives them apart

Supposedly, the whole purpose of the Olympics is to bring people of different nationalities together through the competitive spirit and camaraderie between countrymen.  However, like a marriage, all this good stuff sounds great in principle, but the reality is that, unless you are on the same page, it is very difficult to get closer together despite different backgrounds and ideals.  Which isn’t to say that it isn’t possible, but it is definitely an uphill battle.

It is a relief when it’s over and people stop talking about it

Perhaps the best part about the Olympics is when the buzz has died down and television has returned to its regularly scheduled programming.  Often times, the same thing applies in a divorce–you just want people to stop talking about online divorce articles they saw that might help you out, or see how you’re doing.  There gets to be a point in which you are done talking about it–it was an event in your life, it happened, now it’s time to move on.

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