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Change Your Mind About Online Dating The world of online dating can be a frustrating one. After all, how many times do you have to show up to see that he or she looks nothing like their photo or that their personality is considerably less appealing in person? But if you’ve decided to swear off this form of human contact altogether — and divorcees, we know it’s tempting — this study might change your mind.


According to a new release from, online daters tend to have more education, more willingness to marry, and more excitement regarding long-term relationships than those who choose the “real world” as their primary method of contact. Some other takeaways:


Online daters are more likely to:

  • Be employed full-time (50% vs. 38% of offline daters)
  • Be actively seeking a committed relationship (27% vs. 11% of offline daters)
  • Be interested in marriage (52% vs. 43% of offline daters)
  • Be open to long-distance relationships (30% vs. 20% of offline daters)
  • Fall in love even if they were not initially attracted (48% vs. 39% of offline daters)
  • Break up face-to-face than through technology (74% vs. 66% of offline daters)
  • Have a bachelor’s degree or more education (54%  vs. 49% of offline daters)

In other words, if you’ve recently gone through the process of filing divorce papers, and you’re not keen on the online dating prospects, you could do much worse than signing up for an account and getting that profile in front of other eyeballs. And if you do decide to change your mind, here are some tips for getting the most out of your signup.

1. Don’t go out with every person, who contacts you (or whom you contact, for that matter). Wait to see if they’re a good fit through multiple communications. This will also make your first date go smoother.

2. Be honest about who you are and where you are in life. Don’t conceal the divorce thing. Talk about it. This will weed out persons who might be bothered by it and leave people, who accept you for who you are and where you’ve been.

3. If you do find a serious relationship on a place like Match or eHarmony, cancel your account. Nothing stokes the fires of mistrust like staying open for business when you’re in a commitment.

Do you think online dating is a better way to go than meeting someone in public? Sound off in the comments section.

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