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Strange Divorce Stories

Strange Divorce StoriesMarriage can drive couples to  do some of the most strange and peculiar things, but that’s nothing when compared to how far divorce will make some go.

Half The House

A couple  residing in rural Cambodia, ended their 18-year marriage when the husband suspected his wife was having an affair with a local police officer and decided to file for divorce. Forty-two-year-old Cambodian man, Moeun Sarim, decided he and his wife would  split everything the couple owned right down the middle. This included their house, which Moeun Sarim and his family members cut in half using hand saws.  Who knew the husband wanted to take the settlement literally?

Till Death Do Us Part

In 2007, Karen Finnegan filed for divorce after 26 years with her husband, Joe. In response, Joe claimed he couldn’t get divorced to Karen, since their marriage was dissolved in 2004 when he “died”.. Joe claimed his heart stopped beating in 2004 and this temporary stop was enough to annul their marriage based off the promise “till death do us part.” Unfortunately for Joe, the case was dismissed since it was evident he wasn’t a walking zombie and showed up for his court hearing.

Let Him Eat Cake

Tian Mae, a Chinese national, decided to make her husband eat cake… every night. At first,  husband Cheng Yu thought cake after dinner for dessert was a great idea. But soon after, Cheng Yu asked Tian Mae to stop, claiming even the word cake made him feel sick to his stomach. Tian Mae refused to stop feeding him cake and Cheng Yu filed for divorce. Who Wears the Pants in the Family?

Free Willy

A 24-year old Romanian woman filed for divorce due to the fact her husband refused to wear underwear. The couple was only married a year when Emese Nagy filed for divorce. She claims before the couple married she was unaware of her husband’s distaste of underwear. At first Emese wasn’t bothered by her husband’s “free will”. However, when women started to stare at Tama because they knew of his habits, she called it quits. Although her husband Tama Nagy, claimed to love his wife, he admitted he still wouldn’t wear underwear even if they divorced because “underwear simply makes [him] feel uncomfortable.”

Are you Kidney Me?

In 2001, after two failed transplants, Long Island doctor, Richard Batista donated his kidney to his wife, Dawnell.The Kidney was the 1-in-70,000 chance she needed to save her life. The transplant was successful but soon after, Dawnell suffered from a physical injury incurred while  doing karate.Her injury  led to an affair with her very physical therapist. Dawnell filed divorce forms, while Richard demanded his kidney back. Unfortunately, Richard didn’t get his kidney back but he did settle for $1.5M instead.

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