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Divorce Process in the 21st CenturyThinking about getting divorced? Years ago this process of decision making and division would take you through law offices and face to face time with multiple divorce attorneys. His and Hers settlements were tedious and expensive. States have different laws, and some laws are always evolving (like child custody, child and spousal support laws) so it’s easy to not even know what questions to ask.

In modern times, we have seen information become available at the click of a button. We think it, we search it, we find it. So when it comes to divorce in this fast paced modern world, it’s no wonder that business is booming. Not necessarily because there are more divorces, but because the opportunity to meld technology into the process is beginning to take off.

Divorce? There’s an App for That

A California law firm, Dishon & Block, has developed an app to help demystify the divorce process for you. This new innovative app is designed to help couples figure out their financial situation by calculating spousal support and child support, and has been rolled out for iphones, ipads, and ipods. Allowing couples to figure out what their monthly costs will be can alleviate stress of the unknown and cut drastically down on attorney fees.

The law firm also says it can help answer scenario related questions such as:

  •     What if I lose my job or my income goes down?
  •     What if my ex gets a higher-paying job or loses a job?
  •     What if I become the primary custodial parent and how does that affect my child support payments?

Dishon & Block’s California spousal and child support calculator is one of several pieces of divorce related software. Other law firms, in states like Massachusetts, have also released an app which allows you to calculate spousal and child support specific to your home state laws.

Divorce in the Digital Age

New dynamic pieces of technology will continue to get added to the fold. Technology is invented and implemented at a pace in which our society simply cannot expect to grasp or process at a fast enough rate.

We are still catching up with the real effects social media is having on our relationships, which is a whole different topic of discussion. Divorce, however, will continue to be a common necessity for some of us throughout our lives. And whenever a married couple decides to turn the ‘I do’ to ‘I don’t want to anymore,’ technology will be there to help.

Divorce websites, like, have allowed spouses to make the decision and easily get started on the process right from their home. Their online divorce information and state specific videos have helped spouses find the relevant information they need pertaining to their own individual situation. With state specific information videos and an easy to follow filing process, can help you alleviate any extra strain in your uncontested divorce today.

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