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The Funnier Side of DivorceDivorce at any time is pretty tragic, but dealing with the residuals of a divorce around the holidays makes the wound ache more. The whole happy-go-lucky feel of the holiday season and mistletoe-bedecked hallways are almost behind you, so just hang in there. But to help you through, we found a new form of therapy and medication all rolled into one: Laughter.

What Laughter Can Do For You

No, we do not employ Patch Adams as a blog writer. Laughter really is the best medicine, and we have the science to prove it. The act of laughing has three-fold benefits for mental, physical, and social health. Mentally, laughter helps relieve stress and anxiety, improves your mood, and alleviates negative thoughts. Physically, laughter boosts immunity, relaxes muscles and tension, and lowers stress hormones. Socially, laughter attracts others, reinforces relationships, and diffuses conflict.

Comedy is one of the most popular genres of TV, theater, and movies (actually, audio also has a very big humor genre) because laughter breaks down walls and allows us to look at a situation in a new light. And during a divorce, perspective is everything.

What Laughter Did For Him

If you don’t believe in the power of humor and laughter, let us present a living example. Kevin Cotter and his wife divorced in 2009, and when Cotter’s now ex-wife packed up her belongings, she left one thing behind: her wedding dress. Cotter’s ex told him to do whatever he wanted with the dress, and he felt like he had been slapped in the face. His wife left, and insult to injury, she left her wedding dress behind.

But Cotter was not alone in his divorce. When Cotter asked his family what to do with the wedding dress his family promptly offered up creative uses for the garment. From there an idea grew, and Cotter and his family began to put the wedding dress to the test. The process was cathartic, and allowed Cotter to laugh at the situation, which was something he was understandably unable to do before. A couple of years later, Cotter has a blog, a published book, and peace of mind due to the surprisingly versatile and strong garment. Cotter also has remarried and is currently enjoying his new found family and home.

Find the Laughter in Life

Using laughter to heal from a divorce may seem simplistic, but it’s not as simple as just giving a little fake laugh here and there. The laughter we are talking about is a heartwarming, deep laugh you share with good friends and loving family members. Finding the laughter in your life will not only guide you to a better life perspective, it will cause you to seek out positive, warm people in your life. By surrounding yourself with good people with good intentions, your healing process is given a boost and you will find yourself in a better place than you where before your marriage and divorce.

If you’re experiencing life in the wake of a divorce, or if you have already filed those divorce papers, reject the urge to fall into the Grinch role; instead, join in with the Whos from Whoville (we just couldn’t resist the opportunity to tie in a Christmas reference). Let your heart grow two times too big and laugh deep, heart-warming, tension-easing, immunity-boosting laughs and enjoy your life.

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