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Wedding Jitters May Predict DivorceWho can predict when a relationship may not turn out all sunshine and rainbows. In today’s world our attention spans are shorter than ever. Relationships can seem the same way. Who makes us happy? How can we tell? When do you know you should get married? For a long time the cliché of cold feet before a wedding was considered more a male trait. Understandably this is not all completely true. Women can get cold feet and pre-alter jitters just the same. But which means more? Is it worse for a man or women to get cold feet? Thanks to a new study released we can shed some light on this very question.

Jitters in numbers

Being nervous about spending the rest of your life with one single person is not a new idea. A big step requires a big commitment. But in a new study just released by the University of California we find out what those jitters mean, as well as whose jitters the couple should feel jittery over.


The study originally published in Journal of family Psychology surveyed 250 couples at times close to their marriage. The average age of the couples were of 27 in men and 25 in women. Following these couples through the first four years of their marriage, interviews were conducted every 6 months over this four year span. Upon the initial interview it was revealed that 47% of husbands and 38% of wives confessed to having some doubts about their upcoming marriage.

The doubters and the divorces

Honing in on who’s doubts were more powerful down the road as an indicator of couples divorces it was shown that 19% of women who said they had doubts before the wedding were divorced as of the 4 year mark. Similarly only 14% of the husbands who claimed to have doubts were divorced at the 4 year mark.  The study took into account to her factors such as age, and whether the couple lived together before married, as well as coming from divorced households, but stated that doubts played a large predictor in whether or not a couple was morel likely to get divorced in the time period after their marriage.

No Doubts about divorce

Also within the study were a number of couples who expressed no reservations about their married. 36% said they had no doubts about their marriage. Of these couples surveyed 6% ended up getting divorced within 4 years. In marriages where only the husband had doubts 10% ended up getting divorced. However in marriages where the wife initially expressed doubts the number nearly doubled to 18%. Couples that both expressed doubts consequently had a divorce rate of 20%.

In any relationship where doubt is a concern the couple should at first express their concerns to each other. Holding their reservations can only increase their internal fear and somewhat taint the marriage before it was underway. Given the results of the study women who have doubts should definitely voice their feelings. Everyone has a right to have reservations in taking such a big step.

Divorce has become a common theme in today’s world.

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