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Avoid a Practice MarriageEvery time someone comes to our site looking for help on how to file for divorce, the story is usually the same. When they got married, they had no idea the marriage would end in divorce. So many relationships start out new and exciting but when the honeymoon is over, spouses are left to sort out the differences they have with their partners that may not be immediately apparent during courtship. As a result, these marriages usually become “practice marriages” because they usually give way to second marriages in which the spouse tries to learn and grow from past mistakes.

Obviously, learning and growing is a good thing. However, it’s not ideal when you’re saying, “I do.” Most people want their first marriage to also be their last. If that describes you, then here are some things you can do to avoid the practice marriage altogether.

First: Don’t Marry Young. 

The southern parts of the United States have an unhealthy tradition when it comes to divorce papers — they file a lot more of them than their northeastern counterparts. This is because many couples decide to get married fresh out of high school and college, long before they’ve fully matured and found a career. You can greatly reduce your chances of divorce by waiting until 25 or older before walking down the aisle. (Twenty-five because this is the age that most neuroscientists agree full mental development has taken place. In other words, by 25, your core beliefs will be established for a long time to come.)

Secondly: Focus On Career First. 

With financial difficulties accounting for so much of the high divorce rate in the US — it’s the number one cited reason, in fact — it makes sense to get established in your career before asking anyone to marry you (or accepting a proposal). By finding a place in the career that you want, you have an opportunity to start marriage ahead of the pack.

Thirdly: Date The Family. 

No, we don’t mean anything sick or awkward here. We just mean that before you make a lifelong commitment to someone, you’d better be sure that it runs in the family. Children of divorce are more likely to get divorced themselves, and they’re also more likely to repeat the mistakes of their parents. You don’t want to be judgmental towards other people, but when it comes to your emotional well-being, you can’t afford to take chances. If you see that family problems factor in to his or her everyday life, reconsider. And the only way you can see it is by spending some time around your possible future in-laws.

If you don’t want divorce forms to be a part of your future, then you’d be best-served to follow the above advice. Regardless of what you decide, best of luck, and if you need help with how to file for divorce, let us walk you through it today.

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