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If you’ve ever watched daytime television, you know how great (and by great, I mean terrible) your local attorney commercials can be. I’ve culled the drudges of the Internet to find the best of the worst local attorney commercials so you don’t have to.

Looking for a lawyer to hate? Steve Miller is your guy! He’s here to remind those looking for a divorce lawyer that their significant other is not nearly as horrible of a person as he is.

If you’re planning on filing Alabama divorce papers or “havin’ baby moma drama”, make sure to stop by the law offices of William “Jay” Casey. They’ll use mildly racist caricatures to get you the child support you deserve!

I’m not sure if this one is a dramatization or not. I’m pretty sure this soon-to-be-divorced couple are not actors. What’s that? It is a dramatization? Whatever. Whatever.

If your legs are thinking about getting a divorce, call the Evans Family Law Group.

Wondering what it would be like to see an episode of The West Wing if it were filmed in Missouri by a guy named Scooter whose entire directing resume is, “Saw the first twenty minutes of Reservoir Dogs“? Look no further!

I can’t be sure of this, but I think Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley used to be a hitman for the mafia. Whatever the case, he is the hammer and they are the nails!

For those looking to get divorced in Texas, make sure you call Rob Zombie’s stunt double, David Komie. Lawyer by day, singing lawyer by night.

Not sure what kind of voodoo these lawyers are into, but they will physically turn your pain into rain.

Looks like Scooter got another directing gig!   It also looks like there’s a really good Italian deli next to their law office.

Geico called… said they’re offended.

And finally, what might be the most offensive commercial of the bunch, Flint reaches out to today’s youth demographic when he drops his newest hit single 1-800-94-FLINT.


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