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Most Difficult Things About MarriageWhether you’re considering taking the plunge into matrimony again or you’ve just gone through the process to file for divorce, there is one thing that you’ll probably agree with — marriage is hard. This reality becomes apparent after the honeymoon phase ends, which for some can last as long as three years.

However, eventually man and woman, woman and woman, or man and man, will settle in to life with their actual partners and not the ideals that were believed of them when first saying, “I do.” When that moment comes, you’ll probably notice that these are the three toughest things about being married.

One: Learning Communication Styles.

When dating your partner will always be the best presentation of themselves. They seldom get better. That doesn’t mean you’ll end up with half the person you fell in love with, but it does mean that you get a chance to see the real version of your partner and how they communicate through good times and bad. If you’re not overly impressed with how they communicate prior to marriage, then the chances that you’ll end up filing divorce papers are ever greater.

Two: Refusing To Take Things Out On Your Partner.

Marriage is filled with ups and downs, and it’s very easy to want an emotional punching bag when things aren’t going your way. Since your partner is the person closest to you, they are more likely to take those shots, and vice versa. Living with each other every day, it’s easy to become hyper-critical, and when that happens, whatever goes wrong can quickly become the other person’s fault (even if it really isn’t).

Three: Fighting Healthy.

Filing divorce forms has become such a fear of married people that they start to avoid fights, thinking that even one is a sign that something is wrong in the marriage. Big mistake! Too much fighting can be a sign of trouble, but so can a limited amount. That’s because when things are bottled up for too long, they eventually come out in a much more negative manner.

Marriage is a wonderful commitment that two people make to one another “till death do us part.” For those who can do it, they should. But just keep in mind that it isn’t easy. There will be trouble. There will be difficulties. How you respond to them will determine your marriage’s success. Best of luck to you both!

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