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When you decide to file for divorce, going through the traditional divorce process can be tedious and expensive. Online divorce is gaining popularity because filing for divorce online makes the process less expensive, faster, and more convenient. is revolutionizing the process of filing for an uncontested divorce because our process takes out the middleman, lowering the cost and filing time drastically. Our simple and fully disclosed divorce service has helped many people file for divorce and move forward with their lives.

Every divorce process starts with a petition. The spouse who decided to file for divorce, called the petitioner, will fill out the necessary paper work, and file the divorce petition at the local courthouse. A copy of the divorce petition is then served to the other spouse, called the respondent. As with any civil lawsuit, the respondent has the opportunity to accept, dispute, or deny claims made in the divorce petition. The respondent needs to answer the divorce petition, but may also file a cross-petition which contains his or her own allegations and requests.

Most states have a waiting period after the initial papers have been filed; the waiting period varies depending on the state the petition is filed in. Once the waiting period has passed, and both spouses still wish to divorce, agreements and negotiations can be made between parties and the divorce can proceed to the next phase. However, if one spouse is uncooperative, then the process can become drawn out and expensive.

At this point in the process of filing for divorce, both spouses are required to state their claims regarding assets, debts, income, and other important that could impact the court’s ruling and conditions. Failure to disclose all financial information may result in delays, fines, or loss of property and custody.

Assuming this stage was completed honestly, both parties then negotiate a settlement agreement and conditions of the divorce. If the spouses previously established a settlement agreement, they can quickly obtain their divorce papers from, filing and quickly finalizing their uncontested, no-fault divorce.

The divorce process is exponentially faster and productive when spouses do not have to rely on lawyers and courts to settle their affairs. Child custody, spousal support, and other contentious areas can be emotionally draining, but if both of spouses agree to an amicable, uncontested divorce the process of filing for divorce and the divorce proceedings are more likely to be resolved fairly.

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