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Worst Dating Stories EverSo you thought the decision to file for divorce was as tough as life got, eh? Well, don’t let your guard down when you go back onto the dating scene. It’s one filled with liars, cheapskates, players, and more. We don’t want to discourage you, but we do want to warn you against the personalities that you’ll find in these worst date stories via Cafe Mom.

“Guy picks me up, takes me to Beverly Hills. The plan is to go get lunch, but he says he has a special errand to do first, which turned out to be returning something at Tiffany’s — which he apparently thought would really impress me. Uh, no? And he was offended that I wasn’t agog at the thought of Tiffany’s! Haha. Then, we go eat, and I felt like I was being interviewed for a job. He quizzed me about ‘the best meal I’ve ever eaten,’ and I couldn’t think of just ONE, so he was all offended by that, and his answer, which he felt compelled to describe in pretentious detail, was ‘foie gras at the Four Seasons in NYC.’ Oooookay. Color me NOT impressed.”

Lesson: Beware the easily offended and overly pretentious.

“A guy I was (briefly) seeing told me if I lost 20 pounds, I’d be just as hot as his ex-girlfriend.”

Lesson: Whether they’re really that stupid or just being rude, they’re not worth your time. Move along.

“I once went on a first date where I arrived laughing about the fact that I had just totally been tricked by a $20 swindle in which the guy tells you he’s an actor who locked his costumes in his studio uptown and doesn’t have money for a cab. I was laughing because on one hand, I couldn’t believe I’d fallen for it, and on the other hand, I didn’t care. He was like, ‘Wow, are you usually that gullible?’ and then followed that up with ‘Is this your way of saying drinks are on me?’ He was so cynical and so rude, you could just see all the negativity in him. He followed that up by telling me about some kind of stomach issue he had. He was a writer, and every once in a while, I’ll see him in some party photo and I’ll think, ‘Oh, there’s that [expletive] with the stomach issues.'”

Lesson: If you’ve finalized the divorce papers and are ready to date again, you deserve better than negativity. It’s a poison.

“I went out on a date once with a guy I’d met online. He was half British, half French. He used a lot of smiley faces in his emails and sounded nice. I came prepared to split the bill. My date — let’s call him Steve — was cute in a scruffy way, but he had a dark side simmering just below the surface. I just knew it. The dinner was fine. The check came and we both put down our credit cards. ‘Sorry,’ the waiter said, smiling at us. ‘We only take American Express.’ We locked eyes. ‘Don’t worry,’ Steve said reassuringly. ‘I have the cash … So I’ll pay the full bill and then we’ll go to the ATM and you can take out your share.’ He wasn’t kidding. But he did give me my $3 change.”

Lesson: Dutch treat on a first date? Um, no.

For more of these horror stories, check out the full article here.

Yes, after the divorce forms are final, you may find reentering the dating scene tough. But don’t settle. It’s important to have expectations and enforce them on your date. If they’re not living up, move along.

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