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Divorce Can Change Your Life for the BetterLooking back on the scary decision to file for divorce, I’m still amazed at how much good has come of a situation that was, at the time, hopeless. When you’re used to one person for so long, the thought of living life without them can be terrifying even if they’re not that good for you to begin with.

One situation a friend recently shared of his decision to file the divorce papers really opened my eyes to the fact that the worst things can often turn into the best things.

Before his divorce, my friend was about 50 pounds overweight; he was complacent in his $30,000 per year job; and he didn’t like to try new things or expand his horizons in any way.

Then his wife cheated on him and in six months, the following things happened.

1. He lost down from 240 pounds to 195.

2. He instituted a regular exercise routine and stuck to it religiously.

3. He paid greater attention to what he ate.

4. He started putting more effort into his appearance.

5. He started his own business. While it took longer than six months to get there, he eventually more than doubled his salary at the time of his divorce.

6. He reconsidered what he looked for in women and ended up marrying a much nicer girl, though that, too, took longer than six months. Still, the roots of finding her began within six months of his divorce forms being finalized.

7. He had a child.

8. He quit living in fear and started trying more things that he never would have before (i.e. parasailing, bungee jumping, riding a bike — definitely a weird one considering the guy was almost 30 at the time but still, it’s initiative!)

The point of all this is that what he thought was the absolute worst day of his life led to all of those positive changes, and his life would likely be much worse off had the hard part of divorce never happened. Keep that in mind as you head into the New Year with divorce on the brain.

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