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The Toughest Breakup You've Ever ExperiencedBreaking up is hard to do, it’s said. Those of you who’ve decided to file for divorce know this better than most. Recently someone asked the question of the reddit community and here were some of the more interesting responses. See if your experience with the divorce papers has been better or worse.

1. “My best friend’s ex-girlfriend blamed me when he broke up with her. Granted, she was batshit insane and I never acted like she was anything else, I never told him to break up with her or anything, I never really commented on the situation. About a week after the broke up, I’m walking to my car when she sneaks up on me and hits me in the back of my head with a baseball bat, leaving me unconscious, face first in soaking wet grass.”

2. “I have an ex who broke up with me through his mother. He legitimately had his mom call my mom to inform me we were breaking up. We were both adults.”

3. “My live-in boyfriend and I broke up mid-lease. We live in a college town and the leases are year-long (not really any exceptions) and neither of us could afford to move/live somewhere else. So we had no choice but to stay in the same apartment. There was an extra bedroom, but we only had one of everything (we had been together 2 and a half years). I was left with a nearly-empty bedroom for weeks until I could scrape together the money for a mattress.”

4. “I broke up with a girl because she was too immature for me, and started dating another girl pretty much right away. Friday night rolled around and I went on a date with my new girlfriend, which ended up back at my place. The ex wouldn’t stop calling or texting, so I just turned my phone off. New gf spent the night, and the next morning when we were leaving we had to step over my sleeping ex curled up outside my door. Creepy.”

5. “I broke up with my ex (who I didnt know was pregnant at the time) and the next night she miscarried, went out and took as much ecstasy as she could ‘handle’ and then tried to kill my sister.”

6. “Was dating a guy in DC right before I was supposed to move out of state for grad school. Guy told me that I didn’t need to hire movers or ask my parents to help, since he and I could just drive the U-Haul together. ~18 hours before we were supposed to leave, he breaks up with me, and refuses to help with the move.”

7. “Had a really intense relationship with a guy and even went home with him for a week over Christmas, meeting his entire immediate/extended family. Two days later, I fly home for New Years. Four days after that, he picks me up at the airport with all of my stuff moved out of his house, and breaks up with me in the car.”

If you’re about to file divorce forms and are worried about how it might go, try to keep things civil, mature, and businesslike, and above all, play it safe. Avoid situations where you don’t feel safe or comfortable, especially when it’s one-on-one. And may your divorce go better than the above breakups!

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