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Can Life Tracking Help You Cope with Divorce?Life tracking. It’s a relatively new concept in which individuals use apps and other forms of technology to form data on their behaviors, which can then be used for insight. It was only a matter of time before someone used the idea to track their progress after the divorce papers had been filed. That day has now come in the recent blog post entitled, “Quantified Breakup.”

Interactive editor Lam Thuy Vo tracked Paypal and bank statements, G-chat message timestamps, and GPS data, to learn about her spending habits, sleeping patterns, and fitness levels following her breakup.

She then used that data to plot data points and create infographics giving a snapshot of the effects of her decision to file for divorce.

What the data said about Thuy Vo is not as important as what the process did for her.

‘Things Are Going To Be Okay’ 

“Divorce is hard,” Thuy Vo writes. “Putting this process into numbers, images and data visualizations is helpful. It yanks me out of these all-consuming moments of sadness and helps me understand how, perhaps as time passes, things are going to be ok.”

Here are the full details specific to Thuy Vo’s situation. As for doing this yourself, here are some options for getting started:

  • Paypal and most banks have their own specific mobile apps that allow you to take care of the financial portion of the life tracking process.
  • Fitness apps like RunKeeper can track your cardio, and others like Gympact can hold you accountable for making sure you’re not sloughing off workout days. Both apps have tracking parameters to show you your progress over time. You can also purchase a pedometer and keep up with it by spreadsheet. All this being said, these three options are hardly exhaustive.
  • As for sleep tracking, try the FitBit One, Jawbone Up, Sleep As Android, Sleep Cycle, or Sleepbot. All recently won the Lifehacker distinction of being the 5 Best Sleep Tracking Gadgets or Apps.
  • And don’t forget your old friends Excel or Numbers to develop spreadsheets and infographics for synthesizing data across all of your post divorce forms activities.

Technology is already making life easier for most people’s day-to-day activities and productivity. It can make life easier after divorce as well. Good luck!

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