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Canadian Divorce Depends More on Finances Than FidelityCanadian couples are more likely to file for divorce over finances than infidelity, according to a new online survey from the Bank of Montreal.

In the findings — taken from a sample of 1,001 Canadian citizens aged 18 and up — pollsters determined that 68 percent would file divorce papers over money while just 60 percent would do so over adultery. Only 36 percent would do so because of disagreements stemming from family.

(According to Global News, the survey was handled by Pollara between January 24 and January 28. A margin of error could not be assigned, noted Marketing Research and Intelligence Association officials, because “they do not randomly sample the population.”)

One commenter pointed out that the numbers did not add up — 68, 36, and 30, equal 134 percent, not 100 — so we’re assuming that applicants might have been allowed to choose two options. The details of the poll were not made clear in BMO’s release.

Who Handles The Money?

Couples also differ on who handles the household financials with 41 percent of men saying they handle the finances, while only 15 percent admit it’s their partner in charge of the purse. In contrast, 32 percent of women strong-arm finances while 19 percent see it as their partner’s job.

However, ”Our study has revealed that there’s a clear disconnect with regards to who’s taking the lead on retirement-related issues among Canadian couples,” said Chris Buttigieg, Senior Manager, Wealth Planning Strategy, BMO Financial Group.

“If both partners in a relationship feel they’re calling the shots and they have different views, then there’s going to be conflict at some point down the road. It’s critical to communicate, be open to compromise and be prepared to talk frankly about financial issues, including your plans for retirement and how they’ll be funded.”

Buttigieg continued: “Money has the potential to be a source of tension and conflict for any couple, regardless of the amount they have … While being open and honest with each other on financial matters is a good first step in building a happy fiscal union, it’s also important to work together to develop a financial plan which takes into consideration your individual and joint goals and helps set the two of you up for a lifetime of financial, and marital, success.”

So how about it, America? Do you agree with our neighbors to the North? Are you more likely to file divorce forms over cheating or finances? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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